Factual error: Late in the big chase scene, Sol climbs on top of the Bentley just as Sinclair decides to drive it straight through a bus that is blocking the highway. Somehow, the Bentley levitates from the highway to about 4 or 5 feet in the air, penetrating the bus passenger cabin rather than impacting the chassis of the bus. Also, as the bus inexplicably explodes in a fireball, Sol (who was atop the car) is torn to pieces, with his decapitated head hurtling straight into the camera. Without lungs or diaphragm, Sol's head is still audibly screaming.

Charles Austin Miller

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DJ: Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, the head chef, the big cheese. The sunshine of your lives, it's Sooooooool.



In the beginning, during the riot outbreak, there is a scene with a soldier being pulled down from climbing a fence. In the next shot as the crowd is pushing forward, you can see a concrete road block tip over. If you look closely at the bottom of the block, you can see that it's not a real concrete block, but a prop made of wood planks and grey painted rubber.



When the armoured cars come under attack, the first one drives through a fence on fire and a Wilhelm scream can be heard.