Revealing mistake: In the beginning, during the riot outbreak, there is a scene with a soldier being pulled down from climbing a fence. In the next shot as the crowd is pushing forward, you can see a concrete road block tip over. If you look closely at the bottom of the block, you can see that it's not a real concrete block, but a prop made of wood planks and grey painted rubber.


Other mistake: Whenever you get a look at the highways, they're clean. At this point in the future vegetation would've gathered on the highways.

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: In the beginning during the riot, a man with a sign reading "The end is nigh", can be seen shot at. The sign gets several gunshot holes, but as the man falls down the holes are gone.


Continuity mistake: When Sinclair drives the Bentley through the closing vault doors, she barely makes it, with both sides of the car scraping against the doors (as we can both see and hear). But in the next shot of them driving away, the car does not have any marks from being scraped up. Side mirrors are still intact, and even the paint looks fine.


Continuity mistake: During the car chase from the fallout shelter to the helicopter, the passenger door of the Bentley is badly dented when it hits a parked car. Some of the shots show the damage, some don't. When Eden arrives back in Glasgow and meets the Doomsday gang again, the passenger door is not damaged at all, but the driver's door mirror now has duct tape on it. There was time for her to duct tape the mirror, but certainly not time to do bodywork on a luxury car in post-virus Scotland.


Revealing mistake: During the car chase near the end of the movie there is a scene in which a van hits a motorcycle and the van flips end over end. In one of the shots you can see the two air cannons behind the rear axle.

Plot hole: Rhona Mitra is told she can't fly into Scotland because it's a "no fly zone." But it's all part of the UK, and she's being sent in as part of a UK government operation. The only group enforcing the no fly zone would be the UK government, so they could send her in via whatever means they like.

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Continuity mistake: During the scene at the helicopter when Sinclair sends Kane's daughter back to England, the rear views of the Bentley show both doors open. The front view shows only the driver's side door open. (01:40:20 - 01:41:00)


Continuity mistake: The inside and the outside of the train carriage are different - the inside shows windows the outside doesn't.

Continuity mistake: When the guy is burned at the stake his hands are chained behind his back, but when his head is cut off his hands are beside his body.

Continuity mistake: When on the roof of the armoured car one person is left on top in the long shot, then the closeup shows someone getting kicked in the face. The same person then shoots someone climbing up then they drop into the hatch facing forward. The long shot shows the same person getting in again but facing backwards.

Factual error: Late in the big chase scene, Sol climbs on top of the Bentley just as Sinclair decides to drive it straight through a bus that is blocking the highway. Somehow, the Bentley levitates from the highway to about 4 or 5 feet in the air, penetrating the bus passenger cabin rather than impacting the chassis of the bus. Also, as the bus inexplicably explodes in a fireball, Sol (who was atop the car) is torn to pieces, with his decapitated head hurtling straight into the camera. Without lungs or diaphragm, Sol's head is still audibly screaming.

Charles Austin Miller

Kane: In the land of the infected, the immune man is king.

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Trivia: When the armoured cars come under attack, the first one drives through a fence on fire and a Wilhelm scream can be heard.

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