Semi-Pro (2008)

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Factual error: The basketball rims used in the movie are of the modern basketball era with "breakaway" rims. Such a rim was not used until after 1979, when Darryl Dawkins broke his first backboard in a game against the Kansas City Kings in November 1979.

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Frank Scialdone

Continuity mistake: When Jackie Moon is shouting at Vakidis for making the "corn-dog" shot, they are both lying in the paint. However, in the full-court shot, only Jackie is shown standing up. Then the camera cuts again to a close-up shot of Father Pat, and Vakidis is standing there as well.

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Factual error: On the bus, they play the song "Short People," which only came out in 1977, whereas the movie supposedly takes place in 1976 - the year of the NBA-ABA merger.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jackie Moon is in the dumpster crying and eating a pancake, the camera cuts to Monix then back to Jackie, and the pancake changes from golden brown to burned.

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