The Last Seduction

Bridget kills her husband and tricks Mike into playing a sex game where he's the murderer and she's the innocent wife. It isn't a game though because she has made Mike furious enough to act like he's raping her while she has called 911 and they are listening to how Mike is raping her. Mike goes to prison and Bridget gets rich off insurance. The last bit of evidence that Mike remembers to tell his lawyer, is destroyed by Bridget as she sits back in her limosuine.

Jenine Kamal

Other mistake: In the bar she demands a Manhattan and puts money down. When the bartender hands her the drink she starts to walk off with it, and he says $2 please, ignoring the money she already put down. Someone else ends up paying for the drink a second time. (00:17:06 - 00:17:38)

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