The Last Seduction

Continuity mistake: Before Linda Fiorentino leaves with the money, she starts writing a note to her husband. However, by taking a closer look we can see that the note has already been written for her and she's just re-writing over it.

Continuity mistake: Linda Fiorentino's character is called Bridget in New York and Wendy in Buffalo, so why does Peter Berg call her "Bridget", when they make love outside the bar. He does not know her real name then, he learns about that at the end of the movie.

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Suggested correction: I checked over and over and he does not call "Wendy" Bridget outside the bar while making love. He doesn't even say "Wendy."

Other mistake: In the bar she demands a Manhattan and puts money down. When the bartender hands her the drink she starts to walk off with it, and he says $2 please, ignoring the money she already put down. Someone else ends up paying for the drink a second time. (00:17:06 - 00:17:38)

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