The Last Seduction
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Bridget Gregory: You're my designated fuck.
Mike Swale: Designated fuck? Do they make cards for that? What if I want to be more than your designated fuck?
Bridget Gregory: Then I'll designate someone else.

Mike Swale: I'm trying to figure out whether you're a total fucking bitch or not.
Bridget Gregory: I am a total fucking bitch.

Frank Griffith: Anyone check you for a heartbeat recently?

Clay Gregory: I borrowed a hundred k from a man whose first and last names end in vowels, and ever week I owe him a new thousand dollars in interest and when I come up just a little short. He's got this very fun game that likes to play with thumbs. I hired a private detective for fifty percent, but now that I know where you are I am perfectly willing to spend all the money I have in hiring a clinical sociopath to take it from you, and fuck you through the eye socket just FOR FUN.

Other mistake: In the bar she demands a Manhattan and puts money down. When the bartender hands her the drink she starts to walk off with it, and he says $2 please, ignoring the money she already put down. Someone else ends up paying for the drink a second time. (00:17:06 - 00:17:38)

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