La Confidential

Continuity mistake: Exley has gauze or cotton stuffed on the left and right side of his upper lip (a la The Godfather). It's supposed to look like swelling from the unbelievable beating he just took. If you look at him closely in these several shots, the amount of cotton in his lip changes. Then later the bruises are only on his left cheek, with no swelling of his lip. (01:50:45 - 01:52:20)


Continuity mistake: Exley's little cow lick bangs, on the left side of his forehead, changes a lot throughout this scene. (01:52:10 - 01:53:20)


Revealing mistake: When the two men in the car are shot with machine guns, there's a bump on each of their foreheads even before they're shot in the head. This bump was so it could disappear and reveal the bullet holes when the bullet hits their heads.


Continuity mistake: Right after the fight the folder behind Exley's head is yellow, yet later it changes to dark green. (01:48:25 - 01:51:05)


Other mistake: In the fight scene, Exley hits all the soft boxes, but he rams his head into his hands so he doesn't hit the hard file cabinet. (01:48:50)


Audio problem: When Bud White meets Captain Dudley for a drink in the bar, he says, "What do you want, Captain?" but his mouth moves to a different sentence. (00:22:40)


Continuity mistake: In the final shoot out, Dudley Smith shoots Bud White in the right cheek as Bud stabs Dudley in the leg with his knife. Later, when you see Bud sitting in the car, he has bandages and tape only on his left cheek, and his right cheek is completely okay.


Factual error: When Kim Basinger is watching the film of Veronica Lake in her house, we hear the dialogue... but the projector is not a sound projector. It can't be a separate audio tape because she only turned off the projector, but the sounds stopped at the same time. (00:41:15)

Revealing mistake: When the DA is being held out the window, you can see a wire behind him. This must have been to hold him up. (01:53:52)

Character mistake: White says Exley's father died in the line of duty. Exley said he was off duty when he was shot, and he didn't correct him.


Continuity mistake: When White shoots Fitch in the chest, at first there's only a little blood around the bullet hole, but in the next shot there's instantly much more blood.


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Trivia: Kim Basinger won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Lynn Bracken, even though she's only in the film for 15 minutes.

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Question: What is Lynn's connection to the Nite Owl killings?

Answer: She doesn't really have one - not directly, anyway. The only link is that Susan Lefferts died at the Night Owl, and Bud saw Lynn with Lefferts when he was buying the alcohol for the party. Lefferts had the bandage on her nose at the time, which sparked Bud's curiosity and prompted him to seek out Lynn after Lefferts was murdered.

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