La Confidential

Ed's whole motivation towards solving the case was for his father who was murdered by an unknown person he calls 'Rollo Tamasi'. Ed and Bud both after a big fight, decide to work together and seek refuge in the Motel that Dudley kept using to convince unwanted guests to leave. The two become the target of many corrupt officers and they are caught in a shootout, killing all officers who try to get in. Dudley enters and shoots Bud, Ed discovers that Dudley is 'Rollo Tomasi'. Ed manages to get hold Dudley at gunpoint, he leads him outside where he shoots Dudley. Ed tells the Heads of the Department how the whole Nite Owl Massacre was a plot to get rid of Dick Stensland who (along with Leland 'Buzz' Meeks) betrayed Dudley over some heroin. They give Ed a medal and say that Dudley died a hero. Bud (who survived being shot) leaves with Lynn.


Revealing mistake: When the body of Miss Lefferts is being viewed, the 'dead' girl blinks slightly. (00:34:35)

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Bud White: Merry Christmas.
Lynn Bracken: Merry Christmas to you, officer.
Bud White: That obvious, huh?
Lynn Bracken: It's practically stamped on your forehead.

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Trivia: The film has eighty speaking parts.

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