The Badlanders

The Badlanders (1958)


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Peter Van Hoek: You know, there's not a rich man that doesn't want to be richer.

John McBain: It seems like everybody around here is stealing from everybody else.

Peter Van Hoek: How about being an outside partner?
John McBain: No, I wouldn't make a partnership with God.

The Marshal: Oh, that suite is taken. So is every room in the hotel. And every other hotel in town. You might try the stable across the bridge.
Peter Van Hoek: I like horses, Marshal, but not as roommates.

The Marshal: Unless you want to see your own gravestone on your way to hell, you'll be on the next stage. Now that leaves here tomorrow at sundown. And you're going to like it. It crosses the desert at night. It's cooler then.

Factual error: As the stagecoach rolls into Prescott, Arizona, the road winds among hundreds of Saguaro cacti. Prescott is far beyond the northern limits of the Saguaro.

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