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Corrected entry: In the first jousting scene after William is given his new armor from Kate, Roland and Wat lie to him about his next opponent having raised his country's taxes to pay for the tournament and then cut to a shot of his opponent trying to mount his horse. The problem is he mounts the horse from the wrong side. The knight should have mounted from the left side but can plainly be seen mounting from the right. Mounting from the left is an equine tradition dating back to the times of knights and is done because the sheath of a sword is worn on the left and gets in the way if they try to mount from the right. Surely a knight would have known this.

Correction: If you watch this particular knight try to mount his horse, you can obviously see that he has no idea what on earth he is doing, which probably means he has no idea you are supposed to mount from the left side and not the right.


Corrected entry: When William is facing Adhemar in the final match, Adhemar almost destroys Williams' frontal armor's right side (you can even see it is folded in two). When they are preparing for the second round his armor is intact again. When the second round begins, back to the destroyed armor. (01:58:20)

Correction: This is incorrect - there is no scene between the end of the first joust and the start of the second where the front right portion of the armor does not look badly dented.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the first banquet when William and Jocelyn are dancing to David Bowie. The entire dance scene was improvised by the cast at the time of filming.

Correction: During the first banquet scene, Heath Ledger choreographed the dance sequence.


Corrected entry: Count Adhemar claims he commands a Free Company in the south of France. The Free Companies were mercenaries who refused to disband when they were "de-mobbed" and then marauded the country. They were called "Free Companies" because they had no leader.


Correction: This is not true. One of the best known of the free companies was the "White Company" who were led by Sir John Hawkwood. They weren't sworn to a feudal lord, but had their own leader.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Heath Ledger is talking to the girl who knows his father, the camera is facing him and there is no rain falling around him. In the next shot, he walks toward the girl to sit next to her to tell her a 'secret' and there is rain all around him again.

Correction: There is an archway above blocking the rain, so whether we see rain falling depends on the angle, and whether the archway is on top of the background or behind our view.


Corrected entry: When Heath and his crew are entering into the World Championships, we hear the crowd begin to chant Ulrich's name, but if you look at the crowd in the background, they are simply yelling, and their mouths are not in sync with the chanting at all.

Correction: There's a lot of crowd stretched along many streets. If you've ever been to a modern sporting event you'll know that a few people can make their chant heard over many others. Isn't it possible that the people not near Ulrich are shouting for him and those we see are cheering randomly because they have finally seen him?


Corrected entry: When knights jousted, they would only ride on the left-hand side of the barrier as it was easier to hit their opponent. In this film, they only seem to right ride on the right-hand side of the barrier.

Correction: No, the knights would ride with the barrier on their left, meaning the right-hand side of the barrier. It's much easier to balance the lance by aiming to the left than to try to hold the lance in your right hand and hit something on your right.


Corrected entry: During the last joust of the movie William is injured but when the joust is finished he hops right over the fence using his injured arm as support, and appears unaffected by the injury.

Correction: If you pay close attention to the scene, you notice that although his injured arm is touching the rail, most of his weight is on his other hand.


Corrected entry: At the end of the last jousting scene, William is stabbed in the shoulder with a lance, but there's no hole in his shirt, only blood.

Correction: If you look closely, there is a hole, it is small, but it is there. Apparently only the very tip actually entered his body, but the whole thing got stuck in his armour.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the opening sequence when the captions come up "In medieval times, a new sport emerged...", we see a knight being knocked off his horse in a joust. The knight being knocked off is wearing Heath Ledger's original suit of armor. (You can tell by the shield he is holding - it has the three phoenixes on it.)

Correction: The knight mentioned is the one that dies in the movie, and Heath Ledger takes the armor off of the corpse and wears it himself, so obviously it is the same armor.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when William was learning to dance, Chaucer got punched in the nose... so he put a cloth in it to stop the bleeding. In one brief shot the cloth went from his left nostril to the right, then back again. (00:54:05)

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William: Father, I am afraid, I won't know the way back home.
John Thatcher: Don't be foolish, William, you just follow your feet.

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Trivia: There was a period of about a year in Geoff Chaucer's life when historians have no records of what happened to him. This film is supposed to be set in that year.

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Question: Wat keeps threatening to "fong" people. Is this a medieval term or did Alan Tudyk just think the word was funny?

Answer: In the commentary, Alan says that it means to kick someone. But the cast also thought it was funny.

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