A Knight's Tale

Corrected entry: When Heath and his crew are entering into the World Championships, we hear the crowd begin to chant Ulrich's name, but if you look at the crowd in the background, they are simply yelling, and their mouths are not in sync with the chanting at all.

Correction: There's a lot of crowd stretched along many streets. If you've ever been to a modern sporting event you'll know that a few people can make their chant heard over many others. Isn't it possible that the people not near Ulrich are shouting for him and those we see are cheering randomly because they have finally seen him?

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, everyone stands up and starts to cheer for William, including Jocelyn and John. The camera focuses on them, and then goes back to William, and then zooms in on to them again. They are still standing. Then the camera zooms out, and it has gone back enough so we can see the stand, all the way to the Prince's seat. Jocelyn is running down the steps. But John is seated again.

Correction: It is safe to assume that since Jocelyn was leaving John's side to go congratulate William, that John would sit down so as not to get confused in the crowd (since he is blind). This was not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When knights jousted, they would only ride on the left-hand side of the barrier as it was easier to hit their opponent. In this film, they only seem to right ride on the right-hand side of the barrier.

Correction: No, the knights would ride with the barrier on their left, meaning the right-hand side of the barrier. It's much easier to balance the lance by aiming to the left than to try to hold the lance in your right hand and hit something on your right.

Corrected entry: During the last joust of the movie William is injured but when the joust is finished he hops right over the fence using his injured arm as support, and appears unaffected by the injury.

Correction: If you pay close attention to the scene, you notice that although his injured arm is touching the rail, most of his weight is on his other hand.

Corrected entry: During the sword fight in the first tournament you can clearly see that William's armour has a repaired breast plate. This damage does not happen till later and is then taken to various armourers to be repaired.

Correction: It is entirely possible, in that the armor is quite old and belonged to another knight before William, that the armor had been repaired previous to the time when William breaks it and has to get it repaired.

Corrected entry: In the final joust when Sir William knocks Count Adhemar off his horse you see Adhemar land on his face wearing his helmet but then you see him laying on his back without his helmet on plus he also appears to be stunned from getting knocked off the horse.


Correction: The directors DVD commentary explains that the "lying on his back" scene is happening in Adhemar's mind. That's why we see him get knocked off the horse twice. Once when the dream sequence starts and once when it ends.

Corrected entry: In the first jousting scene, when William is masquerading as Sir Ector, the armor he's wearing has a metal hook device attached which serves as a cradle to hold the lance steady. Roland and Wat even exort William to 'get it in the cradle', as he rides toward his opponent. William finally cradles the lance at the last second and all goes well. Then, in every subsequent jousting scene, no knight has a cradle device on their armor. Not even William, whose cradle has disappeared, never to be seen again.

Correction: Ector is old and past his prime. He is using outdated armor and equipment. William simply removed the cradle afterwards.

Corrected entry: At the end of the last jousting scene, William is stabbed in the shoulder with a lance, but there's no hole in his shirt, only blood.

Correction: If you look closely, there is a hole, it is small, but it is there. Apparently only the very tip actually entered his body, but the whole thing got stuck in his armour.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When they finally arrive in London for the world championship jousting match, there's a scene showing London Bridge and the city as they would have existed back then. But if you look toward the horizon, you can see the outline of the "London Eye", the giant ferris wheel built in 1998. It's to the upper right of the screen.

Correction: The London Eye is actually made out of wood and is not the one in London today, it's just meant to be a humorous fictional older version. This is stated in the Writer/director commentary on the DVD.

Corrected entry: When Kate the blacksmith offers to make William a brand new suit of armor, he asks what that will cost him. Kate says: "Just take me as far as Paris." When they eventually arrive in Paris later in the movie, no explanation is ever given why Kate wanted to go there. Then, when the group leaves Paris to head for the World Championships in London, Kate is still with them.

Correction: William is doing very well in all the championships. Kate obviously realises that it might be a good idea to stay with them, she may get more money and be recognised as a good blacksmith.

Continuity mistake: On the jousting scene where William loses his helmet, he has a monstrous bruise under his right eye (in the late afternoon). That night at the banquet, there is no trace of the bruise. So far as I know, even a black eye doesn't completely heal that quickly. (00:49:50 - 00:55:25)

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Chaucer: Now I got their attention, you go and win their hearts.

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Trivia: Several of the named knights were, in fact, real, though many of them are from different time periods. Ulrich von Lichtenstein was a knight and author who was said to have invented the concept of chivalry and courtly love. Piers Courtenay was a descendant of Edward I, born in the 15th Century. Sir Thomas Colville, Edward III's disguise, was a knight from the 13th Century.

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