The Golden Compass

Corrected entry: When Lyra first meets Ms. Coulter, Ms. Coulter's daemon is pinning Pan to the ground underneath the table. Shouldn't Lyra have felt this?

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Correction: No. While it isn't explicitly spelled out in the movies, there's nothing in the film to contradict what is explained in the books: that it takes either a fair amount of concentration or extremes in sensation for one to feel what the other feels, see what the other sees, or hear what the other hears. Lyra is distracted by the charming Ms. Coulter, so she's not concentrating on Pan, and the golden monkey isn't applying enough pressure on Pan to gain Lyra's notice.

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Corrected entry: During the battle at Bolvanger, Iorek kills one of the enemy soldiers by crushing him under his feet. The man's daemon disappears, ergo the man is dead. But you can hear him scream when Iorek picks up his body and tosses it away.

Correction: It could be anyone screaming; there is a large battle taking place, after all.

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Corrected entry: As the film progresses everyone travels to colder climates but at no time is anyone's breath visible.

Correction: The actors discussed the bitterly cold climate many times in interviews; they really did travel north to shoot the film. Their breath is not visible because of the dryness of the air, not because of lack of CGI work.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Iorek Byrnisson has just retrieved his armor, they are in Trollesund, Norway. Yet the soldiers are speaking Icelandic, very poorly I might add.

Correction: All of the story takes place in an alternate universe. Trollesund is not really Trollesund, and the languages would not be exact, either.

Corrected entry: [Spoiler Alert]: Lyra discovers her relationship to both the blue-eyed Mrs. Coulter and the blue-eyed Lord Asriel. Lyra's eyes are very deep brown, an almost infinitesimal chance, given her parentage.

Correction: Just because something's improbable, it doesn't make it impossible. Read up on genetics some time - it's not that simple.

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Corrected entry: Iorek has no armor on when he returns Lyra back to the camp, when he fights it is suddenly on him.

Correction: As seen when Iorek retrieves his armor, he can don it in a few seconds. And as he is (almost) as close to his armor as humans are to their daemons, he would want to wear it as often as possible, so it is not unlikely that after he had delivered Lyra and Billy, he went to put it on.


Corrected entry: When Lyra rescues Billy Costa, she realizes that he does not have a daemon. however, as soon as Lyra and Iorek reach the Gyptian camp, Ma Costa comes running at them and says "We'll find your daemon, Billy." How could she have known that his daemon was missing if the first people to encounter Billy were Lyra and Iorek?

Correction: The people in Lyra's world can tell by looking at someone that they don't have a daemon. It is explained at length in the book, but apparently not so well in the film.

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Corrected entry: It's established that if a person's Daemon gets hurt, the person who that Daemon belongs to also gets hurt. Mrs. Coulter slapped her Daemon hard across the face enough to send it flying to the floor, so her actions should have resulted in her getting hurt, yet she wasn't.

Correction: Humans and their daemons share sensations. Coulter felt the pain, to be sure. She just didn't react to it. However, you can plainly see a handprint on her face when the camera pans around to show her left cheek.

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Plot hole: During the climatic battle in the snow, Lyra Belacqua is about to get shot by one of the soldiers, and Iorek Byrnison comes to her rescue and is able to surprise & kill the soldier. The problems with this is where Iorek appears would have been right in the line of sight of the solider, and bearing in mind that Iorek is VERY big, wearing armour so as not to blend in with the white surroundings, and making lots of noise, it would have been impossible for Iorek to stealthily appear from nowhere.

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Lord Asriel: I wouldn't recommend the Tokay, gentlemen, it's corked.

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Trivia: During the scene where Lyra and Mrs. Coulter are in the zeppelin and we see shots over the city, The Swiss Re building, more commonly known as the Gherkin, can be seen. It is in the mid ground to the far right of the screen during one of the first shots of the city.

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