Bee Movie

Trivia: The bear in the courtroom is actually Vincent from Dreamworks' Over the Hedge.

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Trivia: Mr. Montgomery's license plate says "ALIBUY" (as in alibi, which lawyers use for reasonable doubt).


Trivia: Megan Mullally was originally cast as the voice of the Queen of Barry's hive and had even recorded her lines. Due to film cuts, her character was cut. Jerry Seinfeld still wanted her to have a part in the movie, so he gave her the role of the Honex Tour Guide.

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Trivia: The scene of Barry lying in the pool and daydreaming about Vanessa is a parody of The Graduate where Dustin Hoffman is daydreaming in the pool.


Trivia: During production, Jerry Seinfeld visited a beekeeper to see how beehives work and look like and ended up getting stung on the nose.


Other mistake: After all the plants have stopped being pollenated when the pollen jocks are getting ready for liftoff you see the branches outside the window have green leaves.

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Adam Flayman: Wow! She looked hot.
Barry B. Benson: She's my cousin.
Adam Flayman: She is?
Barry B. Benson: Yes, we're all cousins.

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