Bee Movie

Question: What two items were on Mr. Liotta's resume that should have been excluded?


Question: What did Mr. Burgundy's license plate say?


Answer: I think you are referring to Mr.Montgomery his license plate says ALI BUY on it.

Question: Why on the plane, when Barry calls for Vanessa, does he say "24bee," not just Bee?

Answer: He says, "Will the passenger in Seat 24B...", the seat where Vanessa is sitting.

Brenda Elzin

Continuity mistake: When the bees are testing the hurricane survival, the bee opens the parachute and lands on the ground. When Barry and Adam are walking past, you can see in the background that the parachute is gone.

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Barry B. Benson: This sweater is Ralph Lauren, and I have no pants.

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Trivia: Mr. Montgomery's license plate says "ALIBUY" (as in alibi, which lawyers use for reasonable doubt).

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