Michael Clayton

Corrected entry: When Michael and Karen are "chatting" in the scene following Karen's settlement presentation to the Board, Michael says "You really got your heart racing, didn't I?" rather than "I really got".

Correction: Obviously a character mistake; he simply misspoke.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, when Michael's taking his $50 cab ride, keep your eye on the rear window. His cab is being followed by another yellow cab, containing either Karen's evil henchmen, or, more probably, movie crew members.

Correction: Where's the mistake? Cabs are plentiful, it's not like Clayton's is the only yellow cab around. It doesn't make a difference who would be in the cab, one cab following another isn't a mistake as it happens frequently.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Michael is leaving a message on Arthur's answering machine, the machine reads 39 messages, then goes into record mode as the message is left. Halfway through the message, the machine flashes 40 messages, however Michael is still talking. The machine should not have showed 40 messages until he was finished talking or the call was ended by the machine.

Correction: My answering machine begins flashing to tell me there is a message right after the outgoing message, and during the incoming recording voice. The caller doesn't have to finish speaking for a message notification to start flashing.

Corrected entry: At the start, when Michael's looking at the horses, we see his car behind him on the road, with the exhaust visible. Exhaust's only visible when the engine's cold (ie. if the car was started just before the cameras rolled) - he's been driving for a while, so nothing should be seen.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: Completely untrue. A car's exhaust will be seen whether the engine is cold or warm, if the air temperature is humid and cool to cold. Around freezing exhaust will be constantly seen, and even a little above freezing temperatures, exhaust will be seen if the humidity is right. It's got nothing to do with the engine being cold or not.

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