Michael Clayton
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Michael Clayton: Do I look like I'm negotiating?

Karen Crowder: You don't want the money?
Michael Clayton: Keep the money. You'll need it.
Don Jefferies: Is this fellow bothering you?
Michael Clayton: Am I bothering you?
Don Jefferies: Karen, I've got a board waiting in there. What the hell's going on? Who are you?
Michael Clayton: I'm Shiva, the God of death.

Marty Bach: We've got 600 attorneys here. We've got to find out who's an expert on psychiatric commitment statutes.
Michael Clayton: I can tell you who that is: Arthur.

Player #2: You don't remember me, huh? We played a couple of times at that lamp place. On Bowery. That guy's showroom. All the lamps and shit?
Michael Clayton: Galaxy.
Player #2: That's it. You had that restaurant you opened, right? On Franklin? 'Cause my old partner bid that job, the plumbing. You don't remember me?
Michael Clayton: I remember.
Player #2: I lost a lot of weight since then.
Michael Clayton: You bought some hair.
Player #2: Yeah, with your money.

Michael Clayton: You're so fucked. Here let me get a picture while I'm at it.

Arthur Edens: I just need to make my thoughts a little bit more precise. That's, that's my goal.
Michael Clayton: As good as this feels, you know where it goes.
Arthur Edens: No. No, no, you're wrong. What makes this feel good is that I don't know where it goes.

Michael Clayton: You are the senior litigating partner of one of the largest, most respected law firms in the world. You are a legend.
Arthur Edens: I'm an accomplice.
Michael Clayton: You're a manic-depressive.
Arthur Edens: I am Shiva, the god of death.

Michael Clayton: I'm not the guy you kill. I'm the guy you buy! Are you so fucking blind that you don't even see what I am? I sold out Arthur for 80 grand. I'm your easiest problem and you're gonna kill me?

Marty Bach: And if it's nostalgia?"Oh boy you should've seen me when I was a D.A. back in Queens." Let me give you a serious piece of advice. Leave it there. God forbid you're not as good as you remember because I've seen that happen too.

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