Michael Clayton

Arthur Edens decides to come clean over UNORTH's pesticides being harmful to the envirmoment and in particular to the local wildlife and notably for giving humans cancer. Not keen on being dragged down with him, Verne & Greer bump him off with an fatal overdose (incapacitating him long enough to stick a syringe in the vein inbetween his toes). Clayton suspicious of Art's 'suicide' has a bomb implanted in his car. Our duo of 'fixers' had to rush it and so, Clayton noticies odd occurences going on in his car while noticing he's being tailed. He gets out just before his would be assassins remote detonate his vehicle, and plays dead. Later, his reemergence rattles the UNORTH attorney, and he is able to record incriminating statements from her. He gives the authorities enough evidence to start investigating into UNORTH.


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Arthur Edens: I just need to make my thoughts a little bit more precise. That's, that's my goal.
Michael Clayton: As good as this feels, you know where it goes.
Arthur Edens: No. No, no, you're wrong. What makes this feel good is that I don't know where it goes.



During the complete car-bomb chase sequence towards the end of the film, Michael Clayton's car is shown in one shot without its lights on. All the surrounding shots in the scene have both cars with their lights on. This is also a slightly revealing error because it shows that they actually filmed these sequences during the day using neutral density filters.