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Corrected entry: After Daniel is thrown down the embankment on his bike, damaging it and hurting his head, he is seen the next day walking with Ali and her friend. He explains that the plaster on his head is due to a bike accident. "What kind of bike do you have, Daniel," says Ali's friend, "Honda, Suzuki, what?" "No," he says, "it's a Miyagi Turbo, actually." However, Mr Miyagi has not yet fixed his bike, and Daniel barely knows him. He does not discover the mended bike and make friends with Mr Miyagi until the next scene. (00:26:50)

Correction: Even if he barely knows Miyagi, he knows OF him (since Miyagi is their janitor, and fixed their sink earlier on). When the girls believe he drives a motorcycle he does not want to admit it is a pedal bike, and so he makes up a name for an MC, using the first Japanese name that springs to mind. After all, it sounds cooler if people think you drive a rare motorbike than an old 10-speed racing bike.


I think you missed the point of what the person pointed out. The point is he ties Mr. Miyagi to his bike before Mr. Miyagi had even fixed it. It's out of sequence.

Corrected entry: When Daniel and his mother pick up Ali to go to golf and stuff, the car battery died and they were going to push start the vehicle by letting out the clutch. In previous scenes, it is obvious that the vehicle has an automatic transmission.

Correction: Many standard-transmission cars were built with the gearshift on the steering column. They could be either "Four on the floor" (4 speed standard with a floor mounted shift) or "Three on the tree" (3 speed standard with a column mounted shift). The position of the gearshift alone doesn't tell you everything.

Corrected entry: Daniel is given a patch with a picture of a large bonsai tree on it prior to the tournament. Daniel signs up for the tournament just moments before it takes place. How could Daniel's name board used for the tournament ladder standings have a picture of the tree that was on the patch?

Correction: This is a good point, and I was wondering about it myself, but it's possible that Daniel was pre-registered for the tournament, and that he was just checking in the morning of the tournament. That being the case, he and Miyagi could have submitted the bonsai tree insignia ahead of time. Again, a good catch but not necessarily a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Johnny and his team enter the locker room, Johnny has short hair. But later during the tournament, his hair is long again.

Correction: The guy with the short hair isn't Johnny, he's another of the Cobra Kais and this is evident when you see him knocked out of the tournament later.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Daniel and his mother are eating in a restaurant, you can see that on the street behind them several people walk in their direction and than suddenly stop and run away, seemingly realizing they were walking onto a movie set during filming.

Correction: Those guys are the Kobra Kais. They notice Daniel in the restaurant and run off laughing, possibly planning their next move against him.

Corrected entry: In the tournament you see that in the match between Daniel and Dutch, Dutch scores a point, but Daniel scores the next point and wins, yet Dutch scored the first point.

Correction: It's a montage. The entire fight isn't shown.

Revealing mistake: When Daniel is running from Johnny and his gang after the bathroom incident at the dance, there's a lot of fog outside. If you look at one of the trees in the background, you can see that all the fog is being puffed out from behind the tree - obviously a fog machine.

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Miyagi: Wax on... Wax off. Wax on... Wax off.

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Trivia: Daniel's Apartment is called "The South Seas," located in Reseda, CA.

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