The Karate Kid

Trivia: Daniel's Apartment is called "The South Seas," located in Reseda, CA.

Trivia: Daryl Vidal created the crane kick for the movie and was Pat Morita's stunt double during the scene where Miyagi is perfoming the crane kick on the stumps.

Trivia: Ralph Macchio has almost no sense of smell at all. Just for fun, he makes it a point to smell something at least once during every movie he's in. In this movie, he smells a french fry at the restaurant, and he smells his underarm before approaching Alli.

Matty Blast

Trivia: William Zabka (Johnny) produced the music video for No More Kings' single titled "Sweep the Leg Johnny." The name comes from Kreese's infamous line at the end of the movie and the video for the song includes Karate Kid cast members William Zabka, Ralph Macchio (Daniel), Tony O'Dell (Kobra Kai Jimmy), Rob Garrison (Kobra Kai Tommy), Ron Thomas (Kobra Kai Bobby), Martin Kove (Kobra Kai sensei Kreese), and Erik Felix (Kobra Kai student Robertson).

Trivia: The name Miyagi and the karate style he used are based in truth. The real Miyagi lived in China and combined Okinawan techniques with Chinese kenpo to create the Gojuryu style demonstrated in the movie. However, many of the moves performed, such as the "crane kick", were created solely for this movie and do not exist in the style.

Trivia: An original draft of the script had Bobby quit the Kobra Kais by throwing his belt down in front of Kreese and walking out of the arena after the injured Daniel was taken to the medical room.

Trivia: There only actual black belts in the cast are: Daryl Vidal (Johnny's semi-final opponent), Pat Johnson (head official for tournament), Chad McQueen (Dutch), and Ron Thomas (Bobby Brown of the Kobra Kai).

Trivia: Listen closely when Ali trips the Cobra Kai's at the Halloween dance, you can hear the sound of bowling pins dropping; a little joke referencing the skeleton costumes the guys were wearing.

Trivia: The production had to ask DC comics to make the film because they had released a comic with the title "Karate Kid".


Trivia: A short documentary was made about this film just after its release, and Ralph Macchio stated that his character Daniel's father walked out on him and his mother when Daniel was young (explaining the bond with Miyagi as a father-figure to him). When part 2 came out, the theory changed to Daniel being upset when his father died (as if they were close). It appears the father situation changed between the first two films.

Revealing mistake: When Daniel is running from Johnny and his gang after the bathroom incident at the dance, there's a lot of fog outside. If you look at one of the trees in the background, you can see that all the fog is being puffed out from behind the tree - obviously a fog machine.

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Miyagi: Wax on... Wax off. Wax on... Wax off.

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Question: Why does Daniel get annoyed with Miyagi after he says Daniel was lucky he didn't hurt his hand falling off his bike?

Answer: Daniel's wounds came from fighting the Cobra Kai guys but he tells Miyagi that he was injured falling off of his bike. Miyagi sees through this and sarcastically says that he's lucky his hand wasn't hurt.

Damian Torres

I think he was also subtle letting him know he knew he didn't really fall off his bike because if he had, he would have at the very least scraped his hands...especially if he fell hard enough to cause that much damage to his face.

He was still trying to hide it. However, if you fall, you instinctively put out your hands, and they would be scraped up. Miyagi, older and experienced in life, knew better, but Daniel wasn't going to admit it outright.

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