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Corrected entry: After all the gunmen in Heavenly Haven are eliminated, Dredd is rambling off to the leader the list of offences and how many years in prison they hold. The last he says is first-degree murder of a judge. This was not first degree murder. No predetermination.

Correction: First off, this is set in the future where the rules for 1st degree murder may be different. Second, one can be convicted of 1st degree murder if the death occurred during the commission of certain violent felonies (felony murder rule) without premeditation being a factor.


Corrected entry: In the block war scene, Dredd says that the guys in the buildings were firing ammunition that was non-lethal at that distance. However, just before they arrive we can see a guy getting killed by them and a car being blown-up.

Correction: Later in the movie, Dredd is describing the Judge's armor, which is highly advanced kevlar. Perhaps the bullets are non-lethal to Judges wearing said kevlar.

Corrected entry: While introducing his family to Dredd, Pa Angel sets Mean machine to level 1 by twisting his dial to the west position, however a few shots later Mean's dial is set to 2 (north) and Pa then sets him to level 3 (east) as Dredd escapes from his bindings. No-one is seen to switch mean from level 1 to level 2 in the interim.

Correction: This entry assumes that every character's actions are shown on-camera. Just because no one is seen doing it, doesn't mean the setting wasn't changed.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Rico is making the clones, he says "these are your brothers and sisters." If the clones were clones of him and his DNA, they'd all turn out male, i.e. just brothers.

Correction: Men have an X and Y chromosome, where women have two X chromosomes. Surely with the technology to create new clones in 24 hours, they could alter the chromosomes at a precise point to make some of the subjects female.


Corrected entry: After the prison ship crashes the search team come along and find the pilot alive, but the Angel family already checked the wreckage for survivors so there shouldn't be anyone there.

Correction: The pilot could have faked being dead, or been unconscious.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Schnieder gets pulled off the lawmaster by Dredd and it crashes into the building, its causes a massive explosion. There is no way such a small craft like that could cause such a big explosion in the building like was shown.

Correction: If you can provide detailed schematics of the Lawmaster showing its massive power reserve needed to make it fly, and it massive power reserve needed to power the laser cannons, and you can prove that these power/fuel level would not be sufficient to cause the explosion, then this may be a mistake. Also can you provide information on what was inside the building that Lawmaster crashed into? Was it explosive? Or was it made of a non-explosive fire-retardant material?

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: In the final scene inside the statue of liberty Judge Dredd risks his life to prevent Rico from unleashing his clone army. No where in the movie does it mention how the cloned soldiers would spawn with combat training, loyalty to Rico or even the ability to speak English. Rico would create a bunch of naked, confused, illiterate men.

Correction: Even if it is not said specifically in the movie, it does not mean it could not happen. Seeing how it is possible to greatly enhance the maturation of the clones (and as one Judge says, replace the dead Judges in a few weeks), it is not unlikely that some advanced learning process would also take place during cloning. After all, the emergency feature Rico is utilizing was made to be able to crank out fully-functioning, adult Judges.


Corrected entry: In one scene Dredd and his buddy have to run to a tunnel with fire to get back in the city. When they are about to go into the tunnel fire shoots out of it, but when they are inside the tunnel the fire shoots from the opposite direction.

Correction: After Rob Schneider falls, Stallone ran back to save him, which is toward the way they came. He then shoots out some of the floor and jumps into a tunnel that leads out to where they had started, outside.

Corrected entry: About the DNA: They said what had turned Rico from a perfect lawman to a criminal was a mutation. But if there has been a mutation in one out of two twins, their respective DNA will not be the same. Thus, Rico would not have been able to use the judge-weapon, nor would Central have registered Dredd's DNA-code on the bullets that killed the reporter. It would have registered Rico's.

Correction: The DNA test may only check a small sample of the DNA, enough to distinguish between various judges. It is doubtful that the system was designed to distinguish between near-identical clones.

Corrected entry: Criminal Judges were not sent to prisons on Earth. They were sent to a special prison on Jupiter. Rico should have been on Jupiter at that time.

Correction: In order to hide the Janus Project, Rico would not have been sent to a regular prison for judges in fear that he may tell of its secrets.

Corrected entry: In the firefight in the alley early on, Stallone stands in the middle of the street, claiming that the weapons cannot hurt him because he is outside the lethal range. Perhaps, but the fact that the guns are aimed down will extend their range, and the fact that they're not lethal doesn't mean they can't do significant damage.

Correction: the point of this scene is that although Dredd may still be hurt, as long as he won't die he's just so tough he doesn't care.

Corrected entry: They can tell which judge has shot somebody, because the persons DNA-code is printed into the bullet just before it is fired. That's how they frame Judge Dredd. They give his gun to a guy who supposedly is his "Genetic twin". They then claim that they have the exact same DNA. If they have the same DNA... How come they don't look exactly the same. In fact they don't look alike at all.

Correction: It's a very long explanation, but suffice it to say, even a perfect clone will not necessarily look like its DNA doner. Additionally, factors in the womb, such as external toxins or hormones can change many aspects of the fetus' ultimate appearance.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The central computer explains that the DNA is imprinted onto the bullets by direct skin contact. However, all judges use long-sleeve uniforms and gloves, so there is no skin-gun contact.

Correction: They could load the bullets into the clips with bare hands at home. Cops really do pull prints off the unfired bullets in recovered guns.

Or, there is a DNA sensor in the grip that doesn't require direct contact, I mean it is 2139, almost 150 years from when the movie was made, technology has obviously continued to progress.


Continuity mistake: When Dredd is talking to Hershey in her wrecked apartment the cut above his eye runs across his eyelid but later on when he's talking with Rico in the Janus lab the cut follows his eyebrow and doesn't touch his eyelid.

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Judge Dredd: You let me judge my own brother? You never told me sir.

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Question: Why is Hershey always going into the men's changing/locker room?

Answer: She is not. The judges have unisex locker rooms.


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