Judge Dredd

Continuity mistake: When Dredd is talking to Hershey in her wrecked apartment the cut above his eye runs across his eyelid but later on when he's talking with Rico in the Janus lab the cut follows his eyebrow and doesn't touch his eyelid.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where one of the "high council" is speaking (behind a desk or pedastal), there is a close-up shot of the highest ranking council member's face. In his nostril you can see a dry booger. They then change the shot and then come back to a close-up of his face. The booger is no longer there. Sorry if this is a bit gross, but I found it amusing.

Continuity mistake: When Rico is activating the ABC-robot, he tells it "we're going to war". His face is then very close to the robot, only inches away. The angle changes to a shot over Rico's shoulder, and his head is now much further away from the robot, even before the robot starts to sit up.


Continuity mistake: As Dredd and Fergie are escaping from the Halls of Justice they jump on one of the bikes. As they jump on the bike Dredd is wearing a jacket but in the next frame as he activates the bike his jacket has suddenly disappeared.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Rico is falling off the Statue of Liberty he is falling in slow motion yet the cars down below are driving around in real time.

Continuity mistake: When Dredd and Fergie are fleeing, as the approach the dead end, you see the bar sign in front of them, on the right, which they start to pass when the taxi crashes. In the next shot, they pass it again, but in the next shot after that, the bar sign is once again in front of them.


Continuity mistake: The final battle inside Liberty's head - Rico tries to escape on his Lawmaster motorcycle. Dredd pulls Rico off and the Lawmaster plummets to the ground. Seconds later when they show a slow motion shot of Rico falling to the ground there is no wreckage whatsoever of the Lawmaster beneath him.

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Brisco: Judge Dredd, take cover.
Judge Dredd: They're firing 20 milimetre caseless flechette rounds at 300 metres. The effective lethal range is 200 metres. You're safe... so what are you doing down there, Judge Hershey?
Judge Hershey: Waiting for backup.
Judge Dredd: It's here.



In one of the final scenes where Stallone is hanging out of the Statue of Liberty, you can see that his "JUSTICE TATTOO" on his upper arm is a fake. You can see at the edge of the tattoo that it is glued on the skin.



James Earl Jones provided the opening narration.