The Dancer Upstairs

Rejas (Javier Bardem) and his team find a clue to the whereabouts of Ezequiel (real name: Edgardo Rivas) after finding some footage of Ezequiel that was recorded on tape (a piece of evidence that was found in the belongings of a girl that was taken by the army and who was part of Ezequiel's movement). On the tape, the name Diderot is visible and that's the street where Ezequiel is hiding. Rejas and his team search the garbage bins of Diderot Street and find another clue: cigarettes and skin cream (Ezequiel suffers from a skin disorder). The place where Ezequiel is hiding is at Yolanda's house. Ezequiel and Yolanda are arrested. Rejas thinks that Yolanda is innocent and is not involved with Ezequiel's movement but she is. Ezequiel is sentenced to prison at San Lorenzo Island; Yolanda is sentenced to life in prison in a jail cell with no light. Rejas talks to Calderon, asking for three conditions to Yolanda's sentence: bed sheets, light and for her to be secretly released in 5 years. Calderon says that it's very difficult to meet these conditions and that in order for the conditions to be met, Rejas would have to decline running for president (he was offered this after arresting Ezequiel) and support the government in a public way. Rejas then reads a letter from Yolanda that says: "Don't help me. I'm already dead. I live for the revolution." The film ends with Rejas going to see his daughter at a ballet performance.


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