Hostel: Part II

Trivia: When Stuart's severed "bits and pieces" are snatched up and eaten by one of the guard-dogs, special dog-food-based versions of the genitals had to be constructed by the makeup-effects team in order for the dog to be able to safely ingest them.

Trivia: According to Eli Roth, the theatrical release of the film did not have proper color-correction, particularly with the blood. He was displeased by how the blood looked on-screen. However, home media releases on DVD/Blu-Ray featured proper color-correction that he approved of.

Trivia: Director Eli Roth wanted to use the same child actors for the "Bubblegum gang" that were in the first film. While he was able to use some of them (including the "lead" member), a number of the child actors had began to have growth-spurts in between films and no longer looked the same, and thus had to be recast.

Trivia: When Beth finds the room with the severed heads, watch the screen closely. The severed head to the left of Paxton's is actually director Eli Roth's head. Roth had the makeup-effects department build severed-head prop made of himself for this grisly cameo. (And contrary to popular belief, Roth confirmed that producer Quentin Tarantino's head is NOT in the scene.).

Trivia: The man who is seen eating the flesh of a male victim is a cameo appearance by Ruggero Deodato, director of the infamous "Cannibal Holocaust."

Trivia: The woman who bathes in the blood of one of the lead characters was inspired by the story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a female serial killer who lived from 1560-1614. She was accused or torturing and killing numerous victims, and her crimes lead to the creation of a false myth that she would bathe in the blood of her victims in order to maintain a youthful look.

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