Hostel: Part II

Hostel: Part II (2007)


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Stuart: Isn't it bad luck to toast with water?
Todd: Yeah. Bad luck for whoever meets us today.

Beth: So you and Sasha. Are you two.
Axelle: Oh, no. God, no. He's old enough to be my dad.
Beth: What does he do?
Axelle: He does auctions.

Stuart: I am strong. I am fucking Hercules.

Stephanie: When are you gonna tell Josh's mother what happened?
Paxton: I'm not.
Stephanie: She still thinks her son is in Europe.
Paxton: What the fuck am I supposed to tell her? She'll go straight to the police.
Stephanie: Yeah, exactly. Someone should.
Paxton: No, no one should. You don't get it. These people are tied into everyone. Someone starts asking questions, they're gonna come after me and find me.

Stuart: Do you think we're sick?
Todd: Fuck no. Dude, you look anywhere in the world where there's no law... whether it's fucking Chad or New Orleans... and this is the shit people are doing, bro. We're the normal ones.
Stuart: Any idea what you're gonna do in there?
Todd: You don't even wanna know. You don't even wanna know.

Stuart: Your friend looks like she's having fun.
Beth: Yeah. I get to listen to them have sex later.
Stuart: Can we switch? I'm over at the Dvorzak hotel and it's probably been three centuries since anybody's had sex over there.

Continuity mistake: When Miroslav is massaging Whitney in the hot springs, the amount of body scrub cream on them drastically changes during shots.

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Trivia: According to Eli Roth, the theatrical release of the film did not have proper color-correction, particularly with the blood. He was displeased by how the blood looked on-screen. However, home media releases on DVD/Blu-Ray featured proper color-correction that he approved of.

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Question: ***Question contains spoiler*** OK, maybe I'm dense, but what was the point of killing the kid? Was it just another scene designed to shock the audience?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Answer: The kids were beating on Beth. If she was beaten and bruised she's worth less money. So Sasha told the "leader" of the gang to choose one to die or he will.

Chosen answer: I think it was meant to show that there is a line that the kids can't cross - if they do, then one of them will get sacrificed...hence why the adult doesn't show any mercy in doing it, and the kids know that something nasty is about to happen.

Sam Johnson

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