28 Weeks Later

Corrected entry: Tammy and Andy are seen entering The New Wembley Stadium. However the new stadium was yet to be built 28 weeks after the Rage outbreak. They should have entered Old Wembley.

Correction: Although 28 Days Later was released in 2002 this does not necessarily make that the year in which the film, and thus the the viral outbreak, took place. For all the viewer knows the original outbreak occured some time after the completion of New Wembley.

Corrected entry: The Delta Operator was using an M14 DMR with a M3 Leuopold scope. However, the crosshairs shown isn't that of the M3. The M3's crosshairs has mildots used by marksman and snipers to gauge distance.

Correction: Leupold VX3 has the boone and crocket, mildot, and duplex so its not just one reticle.

Corrected entry: After Tammy, Andy and the American Army doctor are on a wild, mad dash escape from the Isle of Dogs, to include a jaunt through Regents Park, a sustained high speed car ride while avoiding pockets of nerve gas and finally ending up down into a pitch black Tube Station, there is absolutely no way infected Don could possibly keep up with them on foot and already be in the Tube Station waiting for them.

Correction: That is incorrect because in the scene after the bombings, the infected are seen running down into the subway. It is possible to assume that from that point Don remains there.

Corrected entry: When the helicopter is thrown out of control by the guy hanging from it, the rotors puree the members of an infected hoard. If that were to really happen, the blades on the helicopter would be badly damaged at best, destroyed at worst. However, the guy is able to continue flying with no problem.

Correction: See corrections for similar postings for The Last Boy Scout, Vertical Limit and Broken Arrow. Rotor blades are made out of various materials, with steel or titanium erosion shields along the leading edge (Wiki blade design), turns about 50-60 revolutions per second (depending on length of blade) and at hundreds of km/h, nearing the speed of sound (Wiki safety). Accidents on helicopter landing decks are not uncommon, with victims being decapitated, cut in half or "pureed", and often the pilot doesn't even notice.

Corrected entry: In the surgery scene, everyone is wearing protective goggles apart from Scarlet who is leading the surgery. She should be wearing the goggles or else she could've become infected.


Correction: Character choice. Not a movie mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: If it is true that the infected do not attack/bite each other, then how come in the scene where uninfected Don finds his infected wife Alice in the bed in the medical/research center, he attacks and kills her when he becomes infected?


Correction: She is not infected, she's only a carrier.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: During the scene where Don visits his wife in the medical containment room, we see him swipe through no fewer than three locked security doors. However, after he becomes infected and kills his wife we jump to him killing guards in a garage. Despite having retained slightly higher than normal cognitive skills, how is zombie Don able to escape from several concentric locked areas?

Correction: By swiping his card again. In both films, the zombies are shown to have a capacity for problem solving and application of logic, not to mention that they remember everything about their lives. The disease, basically, just makes them murderously angry at every human being to the degree that they will only pursue a course of action if it has the potential to end with that result; i.e. they don't eat because that doesn't get anyone killed. Doesn't affect them mentally in any other way.

Phixius Premium member

So why didn't any infected pilots crash their planes into populated areas, even across the channel in France? Why didn't anyone drive their cars into fleeing people, leaving damaged wrecks in London (instead of streets that were almost completely devoid of vehicles? Why didn't infected soldiers use their firearms, or launch nuclear weapons? That would kill a lot of people.

Corrected entry: In the final shot, we see the English Zombies entering France through the Channel Tunnel almost completely unopposed. It makes no sense that the only spot in which zombies would be physically able to walk to Europe would be left virtually unguarded/barricaded. Especially considering the distance between London and Folkestone (Channel Tunnel entrance) is a 70 mile walk. There is no way the French would not have been alerted if "containment" was the Army's 1 concern.

Correction: This is entirely your assumption. There many circumstances that would allow for this. We aren't shown the circumstances so there's no way to know how or why it happened.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Early on in the film it is mentioned that the Isle of Dogs is completely safe but the rest of London is not; hence "Crossing the river (to the South) is strictly forbidden". However, later on in the scene where Tammy and Andy sneak out of the quarantined area and across a bridge; the area they are sneaking into is still on the Isle of Dogs. (The body of water seen in the movie is in fact a quay; the actual river is further south.) Also, they are later seen travelling by motorcycle from the South to the North side of Tower Bridge; This would not be possible from their location without first heading back the way they had come (i.e. back through the quarantined area.) There are no road links between the Isle of Dogs itself and the South side of the Thames; (The nearby Blackwall Tunnel travels under this area but its entrance is located outside of the Isle.).

Correction: Andy and Tammy were not coming from the south when crossing tower Bridge. They were coming from the north, as you can see the HMS Belfast WWII warship in the background, which is located west of Tower Bridge. Therefore, they are coming from the north and headed south.

Corrected entry: Why weren't there guards to prevent Don from entering the quarantined room with Alice and obtaining the Rage virus from her? Even with his master clearance; he wouldn't have the authority to enter such a high risk area unescorted. With the risk of another outbreak from Alice's body fluids, the base commander would have assigned 24-hour guards around her in addition to the forces already in control to ensure no one touched her and became infected. Anything less would have been cause for the commander being relieved for incompetence, assuming he didn't get killed or infected first.

Correction: She was in a locked room that very few people could even access, and he made the obviously incorrect assumption that none of those people would even want to go in there, let alone be foolish enough to actually try. Why waste the men on it?

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In 28 Days Later, the Infected stick to the darkness. However, in this movie, they have no trouble running around in full sunlight.

Correction: That is completely not true. There were not many sunny days in the first one to begin with and secondly they were running around in the day in "28 Days Later." You might be getting confused with "I Am Legend" in which they cannot come out at night.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Though the delta operator was burnt to death none of his ammunition on his vest exploded. Ammunition when put in a flame explode's due to the heat applied to the gun powder.

Correction: Few seconds of flames cannot explode bullets. It requires more heat for longer time.

Corrected entry: You can see lots of skeletons in the underground. It makes us think that the bodies' flesh was decomposed in 28 weeks, which is strange because human flesh needs more than 1 year to be totally decomposed.

Correction: It's never made clear whether or not the infected eat the dead, but they DO drag them off and do SOMETHING to them. Alternately, the infection may speed up decomposition.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Corrected entry: When most of the civilians were locked up in the containment area, the doors are secured and protected. Yet the boy's father was able to enter from the rear from a undefended doorway without much measure to secure it shut.

Correction: The father was already inside the containment area, he was simply in a back section of it. He most likely unintentionally went into the containment area and when he got to the rear realized he couldn't make it out, so he turned around and that's when the other people were locked in with him.

Corrected entry: Robert Carlyle ran for the River Avon to escape on the boat at the beginning. Sandford IS also upriver, just like the old man said when the boy told where he came from.

Correction: Pointing out that something said in the movie is correct doesn't qualify as trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: During the beginning sequence when Don escapes from the cottage, he manages to get on a boat and drive away with the infected in hot pursuit. But when he looks back at the cottage, all the shots of the surrounding area show there are *no* infected people, and none in the river, despite some being killed by the propeller of the boat.

Correction: In one of the wide angle shots you can see the infected running along the banks of the river after Don's boat.

Corrected entry: When you see the Aircraft land (Boeing 737) you see it land at London City. You will find that 737's are not allowed to land at London City due to their inability to stop or slow down in time without the use of Reverse Thrust, as London City Airport does not allow arriving aircrafts to use Reverse Thrust.

Correction: Surely the rules can be altered a little bit, seeing as how London City is probably the only safe airport in the whole country. Especially given that the reverse thrust rule is presumably for noise restriction, and with all that's gone on, limiting noise is no longer a major concern.


Corrected entry: When the kids make it to Wembley Stadium, the interior is actually the Millennium Stadium, about 125 miles away in Cardiff.

Correction: How is this a mistake? Wembley wasn't ready to be filmed, so they dressed up the inside of Millennium to look like it. It's no different than a crew dressing up any set for the purposes of a movie.

Corrected entry: When the kids try to escape quarantine, the get across a bridge in the docks. A sniper sees them and says in a soft voice "Where do you think you are going" yet does NOT stop them! If this is quarantine then they WOULD have been prevented from leaving.

Brian Holmes

Correction: The only way he could have "stopped" them at that point would have been to shoot them. Granted, that's what he SHOULD have done, however he chose to report them instead, which is why the Army found them later. Character mistake, if anything.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Corrected entry: In 28 Days Later, they make mention that the virus spread as far as New York. However in this movie, they make it seem like the virus was only in England and nowhere else.


Correction: While it is rumored in this film that the virus has spread outside England, another character does in fact point out that it would be impossible seeing as how you know within 10 seconds or so if you have the virus or not. Customs would see you coming from a mile away, making it impossible to spread past the island.


So how does it spread to France? Why wasn't the French military guarding the tunnel, or even blocking access completely?

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