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Jonathan: Oh, Dad, I'm sorry. It was in my backpack when I jumped into the moat.
Maria: You, uh, jumped into a moat?
Al: You jumped in a moat with my Nikon?
Jonathan: Yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I had to... I... it's kind of a long story.
Al: I've got all night.

Punkers: We love it! We love it.

Sasha: Then, um, that is second lie, Jonathan. Do not let there be a third.

Jonathan: You're right, I'm on drugs. I'm a junkie, you know, I mainline, I freebase, I put cocaine on my cornflakes.

Jonathan: I thought he was KGB from Russia.
Al: He's a CPA from Encino... are you Crazy?

Jonathan: I would kill or die to make love to you.

Jonathan: Mon crayon est large.

Sasha: You must be Manolo.
Manolo: You must be Sasha.
Jonathan: You must be going.

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