Factual error: Early in the film, Chris foils a casino shooter, steals a Jaguar, and leads police on a high-speed chase through Las Vegas. He has a psychic vision of himself being smashed into oblivion at a railroad crossing, so he knows he must accelerate to 120 mph to beat the train. The camera cuts to a head-on view of the train, and this time Chris in the Jaguar goes flying over the crossing, just barely missing the train. Oddly, there are no barricade arms with warning lights at the railroad crossing, even though this train is screaming through an urban area. Additionally, the Jaguar is already levitated about 3 or 4 feet in the air long before it ever reaches the railroad crossing, as if the car hit an invisible launch ramp. Thus, Chris makes his escape as the train blocks any further police pursuit. We then see two angles of the fleeing Jaguar suddenly make a hard left turn down a side street about a block past the railroad crossing. Which is physically impossible. Given that he air-jumped the railroad crossing at 120 mph, Chris could never have slowed down enough to make a hard left turn within one block. It would require more like 10 blocks to slow down to a manageable turning speed, if he could regain control of the car.

Charles Austin Miller

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