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Corrected entry: In the motel scene, the next morning there are FBI agents and the Russian snipers. The Russians eventually kidnap Liz. When the movie ends there is no means of addressing the Russians pertaining to Liz. We are to assume that since Chris was thinking the entire scenario, when he volunteers to help the FBI, the Russians still don't kidnap Liz.

Correction: This is not exactly the case. He sees everything way ahead of time and because he volunteers to help the FBI that changes things so that Liz is not kidnapped.

Corrected entry: Agent Ferris said Liz should be at least 2 minutes alone, before putting the pill in to the orange juice, or else Cris sees it.Wouldn't Cris see himself passing out from the drink? (He saw the train coming earlier in the movie.).


Correction: The drugs take five minutes to knock people out. Cris can only see two minutes in advance. He would see himself knocked out by them, but not before he had already drank the juice. At that point there would be nothing he could do about it.

Corrected entry: Ferris threatens Chris by saying he'll spend time in Folsom State Prison. They are in Las Vegas, Nevada and Folsom is a State prison for California not Nevada.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: She was just saying that there are consequences for his actions. She wasn't being literal.


Corrected entry: Liz is strapped to a bomb that is to be activated by a cellphone, but, the cell towers don't work and they could just capture the crooks when they drop her off.

Correction: The problem though is that they dropped her off after they already were in the process of the retrieval of the other bomb. When we see her on top of the garage, the other bomb was already being transported, or worse detonated. Since they didn't know, it was important that they infiltrate the base sooner than later. Once they did that, they wouldn't be delivering her to the garage, the would just kill her.

Corrected entry: When Cris wakes Liz up at the end of the movie, he's wearing the grey t-shirt that she would have bought him when she went grocery shopping later that morning. He couldn't have it yet.


Correction: In fact, he did have one, he first appears with it when playing pool at the begginning and wore it throughout the movie. The one Liz gave him is very similar or alike.

Corrected entry: There's a scene where Chris and Liz first start driving together, it is night time and raining. The rain hits the windshield and slides down. If Chris were actually driving, the drops would slide up the windshield caused by the wind. Therefore, the car must be set against a blue screen with water being sprinkled on it.

Correction: It depends on how steep the angle of the windshield in, how heavy the rain is, how fast they are going, among other things, to determine which way the rain will slide on the windshield. I have been driving at 60 miles an hour, and the rain still slid down the windshield because it was so heavy, and the windshield had a fairly steep angle.

Corrected entry: Ferris orders the cell towers, etc to be shut down. Then the sniper shoots Chris and tries to make a cell call but can't. She then proceeds to use her cell phone to make a call. How could she do that when the cell towers are down?

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: Ferris' cell phone would work on a police frequency. When cell towers are shut down, the police normally reserve a channel for their own use.

Corrected entry: How do the terrorists know about Chris in the first place? They know the FBI are up to something, but there's no mention of a snitch giving them information yet, they are able to know the FBI are interested in him concerning their case (as if it's the only one).

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: While details of this are not very prevalent in the film, the terrorists likely found out about Cris by listening in to the conversation between Agent Ferris and the Casino security officer. This is probably why he was the first person they confronted about Cris.

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