Continuity mistake: When Nick is sitting on the bed talking to Jessica, her position changes from lying on her side to lying on her back, as the camera angle changes.

Continuity mistake: After Cris pretends to be killed by the sniper, the terrorist tries to make a call, in the close ups he uses a Nokia 1100 but in the other shots looks like a different phone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the logs are falling off of the hill, one of them hits the police car. In the scene where it hits, there is no kind of impact on the front of the car. But in the next shot when the car flips over, there is a dent in the front of the car.


Continuity mistake: When Cris Johnson foils the robbery attempt at the casino, the scene shows that he drops the gun effortlessly and points at the robber in an inward direction (distance between his fingertips is closer than his shoulder width). Furthermore, Cris utters, "It's his gun. He's gonna shoot you people," after dropping the gun. When Callie Ferris tries to convince her supervisor to capture Cris, the scene (presumably taken from a surveillance camera) shows that Cris gives a little bit of thrust when he drops the gun and points at the robber in an outward direction. Also, Cris only utters "it's his gun," in the surveillance tape. The first time code is the approximate time of the robbery attempt and the second time code is the conversation between Callie and her supervisor. (00:06:45 - 00:11:25)

Continuity mistake: Jessica Biel is wearing hoop earrings with turquoise beads when she first walks into the diner before meeting Nicolas Cage. After sitting down in the booth the earrings are white pearl studs. After she leaves and gets into the car with Nicolas Cage they are the hoops with turquoise again. After she takes the gift to her student the earrings are pearl studs for the rest of the movie.

Continuity mistake: Right after Chris "sees" he and Liz kissing, they actually do kiss and Liz puts her hand and the lower part of his back. She starts to move it up and the scene cuts without time lapse and her hand is suddenly up by his ear. (00:43:35)

Joel Amos Gordon

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, Nicolas is wearing his watch on his left hand . Then he goes with his right hand through his hair and the watch is on his right hand. (00:02:20)

Continuity mistake: When the jeep begins to roll downhill, it begins with engine facing the right side of the screen. The next shot onwards it's facing the left side.


Continuity mistake: When they are in the motel, she is told to set her watch for 9.17. Just before he leaves, you see her watch. It's 13.30.

Continuity mistake: When Chris and the girl are driving in the Toyota in the rain, depending on which side of the windscreen the camera is, the rain differs greatly in volume instantly.


Continuity mistake: After Cris has just seen Liz and her captor, he then turns around and vanishes. The scene then cuts to him standing and the FBI agents walking up behind him. The FBI agent on the left raises his gun and muzzle flashes can be seen as if the gun is being fired, however no shots are heard. Then the shot cuts again to Cris and the FBI agents moving calmly. (01:21:20)

Continuity mistake: After Cris pretends to be killed by the sniper, the terrorist tries to make a call, in the close ups he uses a Nokia 1100 but in the other shots looks like a different phone.

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Cris Johnson: I've seen every possible ending. None of them are good for you.

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Trivia: The Korean woman whom Cris calls up during his magic act is actually the real-life wife of Nicolas Cage.

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Question: How can Nicholas Cage seeing a guy shooting two people in the casino if it's not going to happen? I know that he stopped the guy because he would shoot two people, but wouldn't he see some different future then?


Chosen answer: He doesn't just see THE future, he sees all possible futures.


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