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Corrected entry: When the shark is attacking Quint, the boat etc., his eyes do not roll back. Great White sharks roll their eyes back when they attack. Sharks that don't roll their eyes back have protective eyelids, but the shark doesn't close its eyes either.

Correction: Sharks only do this with some prey items, seals etc as its eyes are a weakness. The shark due to its size could not have perceived the human as a danger and in fact in reports from survivors of encounters with white sharks they often say they looked into the eyes while being bitten.

Corrected entry: Hooper says he can't poison Bruce because his skin is too thick and he'll have to go in the water and poke him in the mouth. However, when Brody stabs him in the head with the gaff, it leaves several bloody holes. It's just a bit too convenient for the plot to be believable that Hooper would choose to go into the water with a creature so powerful and dangerous (as opposed to at least trying to drug him from the surface first). And he had enough of the drug to try more than once: he fills one syringe from a good sized bottle of the stuff.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: "Get this little needle though his skin?" as quint said. Much more delicate and breakable than the "gaff."

Corrected entry: Chief Brody and Hooper go to the wharf to dissect a large tiger shark and examine the contents of its stomach. Finding nothing unusual, Hooper recommends they go offshore that night to search for the real killer shark because "he's a night feeder." Coming from a marine biologist, that remark really makes no sense. Hooper knew that, in addition to eating Chrissie the midnight swimmer, the shark also ate Pippin (the black Labrador retriever) and the Kintner boy in the middle of the day at a public beach. Based on all available evidence, the shark was no more likely to feed at night than in broad daylight.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: The statement is correct, the shark was a night feeder, as opposed to just being a day feeder, meaning the shark will likely be hunting at night.


Corrected entry: If the shark was terrorizing the town by staying close to shore, why did Quint think that going out to sea would give them the best chance of identifying and killing the correct shark?

Correction: Quint knew that if the beaches were closed, the shark would go somewhere else for food. The most logical place would be out at sea, they just needed bait and voila! A shark on a silver platter.

Corrected entry: After Hooper cuts open the Tiger shark, he tells Brody that it isn't the shark. He adds "you still got a hell of a fish out there, with a mouth about this big." He indicates size of the bite by holding his hands about 2 feet apart. This estimate is based on the bite marks on the first victim. Of course, later we see the shark's bite radius is much larger, around 3 to 4 feet. Hooper is a shark expert and should be able to more accurately determine bite radius.



Correction: Clearly nobody involved, including Hooper, believed a shark as large as the one later seen could exist. His estimate was based on what he concluded could be the largest shark out there.

Jason Hoffman

Hooper is a shark expert. His bite radius estimate should be based on the available facts, like the actual bite marks in the victim, and not what he thought would be the biggest shark. It's pretty difficult the get the bite radius wrong by a foot or more when you have clear bite marks in the victim.


Corrected entry: When Brody and Hooper see that the shark is chewing its way through the ropes attached to their boat, they call Quint to come and shoot him. When Quint comes over with the gun, the shark rears out of the water and roars. Sharks cannot roar.

Correction: The shark does not roar when it comes out of the water. The only sound is that of air rushing into the shark's mouth, which is something that has been reported by survivors of shark attacks.

Corrected entry: When Brody fills out the report on the girl found on the beach he has an orange towel on his right shoulder. It is still there under his jacket when he walks down the road. When it switches to the front shot it's gone.

Correction: You can see the towel for several shots including one where Brody is seen tucking it under his jacket.

Corrected entry: When Brody and Hooper try to hook the lines at the back of the Orca the barrels are stationery and just floating on the surface. Sharks are constantly moving, so the barrels would be moving in some way.

Correction: Slack in the line occurs frequently when a fish changes direction. The barrels need not be moving at all times.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Brody picks up a floating oxygen tank, revealing that it's empty. Full tanks would sink from their weight, not float.


Correction: The Aqua-Lung scuba cylinder is not floating, it's lying on the cabin table's wood debris which is moving about, with water splashing all around it. Nothing reveals the scuba cylinder to be empty.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Brody hands Hooper the spear gun while he's in the shark cage. Seconds later he's cleaning off his goggles using both hands. So where did the spear gun go?


Correction: Brody holds out the hypodermic spear (shark dart filled with strychnine nitrate) while Hooper wipes his goggles and places it around his head.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Quint is being attacked, his machete is in his left hand. When he's dragged into the water, it's in his right hand.


Correction: The machete does not change hands between shots. Quint is holding the machete in his left hand, then there's a closeup of the shark's snout, and then a closeup of Quint's face as he spits blood, and it's not until the fourth shot we see Quint holding the machete in his right hand, which he had time to do during those closeups.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Quint repeatedly calls the shark Orca, but an Orca is a killer whale, not a shark, something a shark expert should know.


Correction: Quint is actually saying "porker".


Corrected entry: When Hooper sees Ben Gardner's head, he drops the torch, knife and tooth. In the shot from underneath, only the torch and knife are seen sinking to the bottom, the tooth is nowhere to be seen.



Correction: The tooth can be seen zigzagging around below the hull of Ben Gardner's boat. It just doesn't sink to the bottom as quickly as the torch and knife do.


Corrected entry: The movie is made and set in 1974. The reward sign on the wall at the town meeting says Alex Kintner was killed on Sunday, June 29. A check of the 1974 calendar reveals June 29 was a Saturday, not Sunday.



Correction: Jaws was released and set in 1975, in which year June 29 was a Sunday. Regardless, the date the movie is set can't be automatically assumed to be the same as the year of release anyway.


Corrected entry: In Bruce's first "full length" scene, as Quint and Hooper are guessing at his length, you can see the mechanical shark passing the Orca has no tail whatsoever.

Correction: Three model sharks were made, all full length with tails. So the sharks tail is just obscured by the water splash and reflection of light on the water.

Corrected entry: When the shark first hits Hooper's cage and swims by the camera, watch the cage in the background. The top door is open. This is obviously so if the stunt double got into trouble, he could get out.

Correction: Actually, the force which the great white exerted on the cage would be enough to force the top door to open.

Corrected entry: During their first attempt to attach a barrel to the shark, Hooper makes a point to include an electronic tracking device. Afterwards, Hooper never uses this device to track the shark.


Correction: Since the shark doesn't attempt to get away, he wouldn't need to. The tracking device would only be useful if the shark left the immediate area, which it never does.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the whole movie, the shark eats five people, including Quint, and what appears to be at least half a refrigerator full of meat. If a shark did this in real life, no matter how big it was, it would die from gorging itself, since sharks are cold-blooded and, like snakes and lizards, can take up to six months digesting a meal.

Correction: Sharks have brains the size of chickpeas, and they have one instinct - EAT. A shark will disgorge a partially eaten meal in order to eat a fresh one. During feeding frenzies sharks are seen to swallow huge lumps of flesh, disgorge them, and start all over again.

Corrected entry: In the scene towards the end of the film, when they are trying to outrun the shark back to land (when Quint says something like: we'll get him in the shallows and drown him) you see a shot from the rear of the boat, and in the distance you can clearly see the shore line. But after that point in the movie, you never see the shore, even when they are swimming back at the very end.

Correction: In many shots land is visible at the horizon, in the distance, as well as in the shot when Brody and Hooper are using the barrels to assist their swim back to shore.

Super Grover Premium member

Correction: Just watched it again, and yes, when Hooper and Brody are swimming in at the end of the movie, you do see the land. Look at the very right upper side of the screen.

Corrected entry: In the middle of the fight with the shark at sea, Quint tells Hooper 'full ahead', then Brody repeats the command but says 'slow ahead' twice.

Correction: The only time Brody repeats Quint's command is after Quint says, "Stop playing with yourself Hooper. Slow ahead, if you please." Brody then sarcastically repeats the same command when he says, "You heard him, slow ahead. I can go slow ahead. Come on down and chum some of this sh*t."

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the shark explodes and we see it sinking to the bottom of the ocean, the ropes connecting the dorsal and the tail fins are visible (broken). You can see the same thing in the shot where the shark jumps up onto the Orca.

Correction: The lines that are visible, both when the shark leaps onto Orca and then when bits of it sink, are the lines connected to the harpoons on both sides of its dorsal fin.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce (the Shark) rams the cage, you can see Hooper with blood coming from a small wound (it is his, I've checked). after a bit of this he swims to the bottom of the ocean. His wound may have stopped bleeding, but couldn't have healed so fast and the shark would have caught his blood trail instantly.

Correction: Hooper stabs the shark twice in the close-up and again repeatedly in the wideshot, so the blood you see is the shark's blood, not Hooper's.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Hooper purposely holds the shark gun outside the cage so he'll lose it when Bruce hits the cage in the next shot.


Correction: The fact that Hooper, holds the poison shark dart with his hand between the cage bars is not a film mistake, not even a deliberate one. Within the storyline this occurrence is reasonable and perfectly plausible. Hooper, who is very nervous and extremely anxious, stands ready to strike at the shark, specifically in its mouth, as he watches the shark swim off to his left. After pulling off the cork he readies the dart gun again as he looks around for the shark, but is quickly startled by its sudden thrust on the cage, behind him, causing him to lose his grip of the shark dart as he falls back.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Hooper is in his wetsuit waiting to enter the shark cage. As he stands on the deck, notice behind him that the stern of the Orca is now shorter in length, painted white, and well above sea level.

Correction: First, Orca's paint color is the very same pale greenish tint as in the rest of the shots, not white. Second, the shot when Hooper puts on the air tank that Quint holds for him, shows the stern through the cabin doorway and because most of the starboard side of the rail can't be seen in this shot, the depth perception of the deck may be deceiving. The deck is not shorter here, nor is it shorter in similar shots. Third, it is impossible to even determine the level of the water directly around Orca's hull in this shot, or even in the next shot as Hooper climbs into the cage.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Richard Dreyfus is driving the boat, then playing cards, then driving again.

Correction: At no point does Hooper's card playing grate with continuity. Hooper sits beside the wheel and plays solitaire, then Quint says, "Stop playin' with yourself Hooper. Slow ahead if you please." So Hooper gathers his cards and two shots later he is standing at the wheel.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the little boy on the yellow water raft is supposedly eaten by Jaws, you see two boys carrying him out of the water when everyone is clearing out.

Correction: When Ellen asks her husband, Chief Brody, "Are you okay?" behind her there are five boys who wear red swimming trunks, that head into the water. Alex Kintner, the boy who will soon be attacked, is also wearing red swimming trunks. After the shark attack, the boy in the red swim trunks being dragged out of the water is not Alex.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Chrissie is being attacked, she has a 5-second pause in being chewed-upon. When it's a hit-and-run attack this is normal (the shark realises it has made a mistake and leaves). Since Chrissie is eaten, we're talking about a bump-and-bite attack, which causes a shark to go into a feeding-frenzy. It is highly unlikely for a shark to let go for even one second in such an event.

Correction: It may be unlikely, but it's not impossible, especially since it's eating prey it has probably not encountered before.

Corrected entry: At the point when the Orca breaks down, Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw are stuck out in the ocean with the Shark, Robert Shaw goes back into the boat to get some life jackets, as he comes out he throws the life jackets to the others. If you turn up the sound very loudly at this point you can hear Robert Shaw fart. You can only hear it if you turn up the volume, Robert Shaw then walks off the edge of the boat with a smirk on his face, he shouldn't be doing this when it is clearly now do or die for the three of them.

Correction: There's an indistinct rasping sound, at best. It could be Shaw's rubber soled boots on the wet deck. Quint is smirking at the inexperience and lack of skill of Brody.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the guys are sitting on the boat, singing "Show me the way to go home" when one of the guys (can't remember who) shushes the other two. The camera goes to a board where the shark is about to hit. The board is already cracked before the shark hits it.

Correction: It's an old, weather-beaten boat, so cracks in the boards are very likely.

Corrected entry: When Bruce has tipped the boat over on the 4th of July, the man in the boat is trying to get out of the water. We see Bruce swimming up to grab him, the shark's body tilted so that one eye is towards the surface and the other towards the bottom. Shouldn't Bruce's fin be sticking out of the water?

Correction: The shark (a.k.a Bruce, as you call him) is at least five feet below the surface of the water, at which shark's fins cannot reach up to.

Corrected entry: On the report Chief Brody is typing up while talking to the coroner, the girl's body is listed as being found late at night. It was during the day.

Correction: It was late at night, even the time is shown on the report when the death occured: 11:50 PM.

Corrected entry: In the movie you only see the shark's fin in the first half of the movie, not the rest of the fish. This was not originally intended, but rather something they were forced to do. One of the first two shark models sank and the other one blew up.

Correction: This was entirely intentional. Steven Spielberg said that he would only direct the movie if the shark wouldn't be revealed for the first hour of the film.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, most notably in the scenes where Dreyfuss is attacked in the cage and the Orca is repeatedly rammed by the shark, the action depends upon the shark swimming backwards. No shark can do this.

Correction: Each time the cage is rammed, it would move. So the shark just has to 'accelerate' from its current position to hit the cage again without reversing.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, where Brody finally kills the shark, he was only a couple of feet from it when it exploded. Brody should have been blown sky high.

Correction: Not at all. First, Brody is more than 'a couple of feet away'. More like fifty or sixty feet. The 'explosion' was the bursting of a compressed air cylinder, not a bomb going off. The shockwaves will dissipate very rapidy underwater, and Brody is above the surface on the mast of the sinking ship. He won't feel a thing.

Corrected entry: When in the shark cage, Hooper drops his weapon twice.

Correction: It does look a bit like he drops his weapon twice, but in fact it looks more like a bar or something from the cage.

Corrected entry: When the shark was dragging Chrissie in the water, why didn't it just pull her underwater as soon as it grabbed her? I thought the shark didn't want to wait to eat his meal.

Correction: Sharks will often "taste" a victim before coming back for more, this is why so many people are able to survive encounters with even great whites. From a film standpoint, it was done to prolong the terror and suspense of the audience.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brody and Quint are loading Hooper's shark cage into the water, Brody appears to have a shirt. In a second angle of the same scene, Brody's shirt is no longer there. The scene then cuts to Hooper in the boat cabin, and then back to the deck. Again, Brody is wearing a shirt. This process occurs a few times during these five or six minutes.

Correction: Brody's shirt is off only during the scene where he, Quint and Hooper are assembling the shark cage. Brody could have just taken the shirt off for that reason and put it back on once the cage was ready.

Corrected entry: When Chief Brody is attempting to pump the water out of the boat, he has the drain hose of the pump lying on the deck right next to him. So, in essence, he was doing absolutely no good whatsoever.

Correction: Probably true, but not the point of the scene. Brody isn't paying attention to pumping the water out of the boat and is only doing it because Quint asked him to. Brody realizes that Quint is overmatched by the shark and wants to get out of there. You can see the frustration on his face as he is working the pump half-heartedly and he then throws the pump on the floor of the boat and begins climbing the ladder to the bridge, presumably to confront Quint (upon which, the shark nearly capsizes the boat when he swims directly under it).

Corrected entry: Another scene that is proof that the film was made in either early spring or late fall is the scene where the mayor is arguing with Hooper and Brody about the existence of a shark in front of the graffiti covered sign. It is supposed to be right before July 4th, yet everyone is in coats and jackets.

Correction: The movie was indeed filmed mostly during the spring, but this scene isn't proof of that. The mayor is dressed in business attire throughout the movie, which makes sense since he's a public official. Hooper is wearing a sport jacket, but this is probably because he's meeting with the mayor and didn't think it appropriate to be dressed in shirt sleeves, and Brody is wearing his uniform jacket, possibly for the same reason. Moreover, the movie is set on an island where it is probably somewhat cooler in the mornings (when the scene is set).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brody is stabbing the shark with the harpoon, he is stabbing the shark's head. But when the shark goes underwater, it shows the harpoon being stuck in his mouth.


Correction: The shark bites the harpoon and snatches it from Brody's hands.

Corrected entry: If you look in the sky when Brody goes for his gun when Jaws first attacks you can see a digitally edited in shooting star and after when they show the boat a few seconds later you can see another digitally edited in shooting star go by.


Correction: The shooting star was not digitally placed into the scene where they show a medium shot of the boat on the water. Jaws contains no digitally altered scenes. THe shooting star is, in fact, genuine. It has been mentioned before and was just a stroke of luck that happened during filming.

Corrected entry: When Hooper first appears, he arrives on a small boat, but when he and Brody go out to sea to look for the shark, we find out that Hooper also has a larger boat with sophisticated equipment. How did he travel with two different boats?


Correction: He probably takes the smaller boat out to Amity to see if there really is a problem. When he knows that there is, he goes back to get his better boat. He could also have towed his smaller boat.

Corrected entry: When the Chief is typing the cause of death for the blonde chick in the beginning, if you look, he typed in "Corners" office instead of the "Coroners" office.

Correction: On old typewriters, if you made a spelling error it needed to be whited out and retyped. If Chief Brody decided to just simply leave the spelling error, it is quite a realistic reaction, to just leave it alone. Plus, he may not have even noticed the spelling error as he typed, since he was pre-occupied with the cause of Chrissie's death.

Corrected entry: Chief Brody is at the wheel of the boat and Hooper and Quint are trying to fix the engine. Brody can only turn the wheel (in his words) about 3 inches. Just then some of the yellow barrels surface and they stop what they're doing to start the boat to chase the shark. The boat steers fine.

Correction: Right after Brody says he can turn the wheel only about three inches, Quint gets a wrench, does some more work, and says to try it again, which means he thought he fixed it, so it is possible the boat now steers fine.

Corrected entry: On the boat, "Orca", there is a giant fishing chair, fastened to the deck of the boat which Captain Quint uses during his first attempt to catch the shark. Shortly after those scenes, the giant chair mysteriously disappears and is never seen again.

Correction: It actually unbolts from the floor, for the rest of the film, as the boat tips and sinks or slants, you can see the hole it left.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hooper and Brody discover Ben Gardner's boat, Hooper explains to Brody that he owns the boat they're using. If he had access to this high-tech boat with sonar, fish finders, etc, why would they hunt the shark using only that piece of crap Orca?

Correction: They need Quint's expertise. Do you think ornery old Quint would get in the college boy's boat?

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Quint: Hooper! Stop playing with yourself Hooper!



When the shark bursts through the window of the cabin, in each of the shots facing Brody, including when he shoves the air tank into the shark's mouth, the glistening water is visible in the window's reflection behind Brody. The shark's reflection is never seen behind Brody, despite the shark's massive size in the small cabin. Bruce must have had the day off during Roy Scheider's takes.



The reporter on the beach is Peter Benchley, who wrote the novel "Jaws," and also co-wrote the film's screenplay.