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Corrected entry: On the boat, "Orca", there is a giant fishing chair, fastened to the deck of the boat which Captain Quint uses during his first attempt to catch the shark. Shortly after those scenes, the giant chair mysteriously disappears and is never seen again.

Correction: It actually unbolts from the floor, for the rest of the film, as the boat tips and sinks or slants, you can see the hole it left.

Corrected entry: When the Chief is typing the cause of death for the blonde chick in the beginning, if you look, he typed in "Corners" office instead of the "Coroners" office.

Correction: On old typewriters, if you made a spelling error it needed to be whited out and retyped. If Chief Brody decided to just simply leave the spelling error, it is quite a realistic reaction, to just leave it alone. Plus, he may not have even noticed the spelling error as he typed, since he was pre-occupied with the cause of Chrissie's death.

Corrected entry: When Chrissie is being attacked, she has a 5-second pause in being chewed-upon. When it's a hit-and-run attack this is normal (the shark realises it has made a mistake and leaves). Since Chrissie is eaten, we're talking about a bump-and-bite attack, which causes a shark to go into a feeding-frenzy. It is highly unlikely for a shark to let go for even one second in such an event.

Correction: It may be unlikely, but it's not impossible, especially since it's eating prey it has probably not encountered before.

Corrected entry: When Bruce has tipped the boat over on the 4th of July, the man in the boat is trying to get out of the water. We see Bruce swimming up to grab him, the shark's body tilted so that one eye is towards the surface and the other towards the bottom. Shouldn't Bruce's fin be sticking out of the water?

Correction: The shark (a.k.a Bruce, as you call him) is at least five feet below the surface of the water, at which shark's fins cannot reach up to.

Corrected entry: In the movie you only see the shark's fin in the first half of the movie, not the rest of the fish. This was not originally intended, but rather something they were forced to do. One of the first two shark models sank and the other one blew up.

Correction: This was entirely intentional. Steven Spielberg said that he would only direct the movie if the shark wouldn't be revealed for the first hour of the film.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brody and Quint are loading Hooper's shark cage into the water, Brody appears to have a shirt. In a second angle of the same scene, Brody's shirt is no longer there. The scene then cuts to Hooper in the boat cabin, and then back to the deck. Again, Brody is wearing a shirt. This process occurs a few times during these five or six minutes.

Correction: Brody's shirt is off only during the scene where he, Quint and Hooper are assembling the shark cage. Brody could have just taken the shirt off for that reason and put it back on once the cage was ready.

Corrected entry: When Hooper first appears, he arrives on a small boat, but when he and Brody go out to sea to look for the shark, we find out that Hooper also has a larger boat with sophisticated equipment. How did he travel with two different boats? (00:27:00)

Correction: He probably takes the smaller boat out to Amity to see if there really is a problem. When he knows that there is, he goes back to get his better boat. He could also have towed his smaller boat.

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Continuity mistake: Hooper wears rimless eyeglasses, with the arms either attached at the upper corners of the lenses or at the sides of the lenses. If this didn't happen between shots within the same scenes, it could be presumed that Hooper has two different pairs of glasses and switches between the two, but they do indeed change between shots, such as when Mrs. Kintner slaps Brody, or even later, on the Orca. (00:36:05)

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Trivia: Quint's boat is named Orca. The orca is the only natural predator the great white shark has (besides humans).

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Question: Instead of going under water and trying to poison Jaws in the shark cage, couldn't he have been harpooned with the poison from the boat just as easy?


Chosen answer: As mentioned in the movie, the posion was in the needle and the shark's hide was too tough for the needle to penetrate. Hooper had to go in the water so that he could get the needle into the shark's mouth, where the flesh was less tough.

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