Animal House
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Revealing mistake: When Bluto is watching the sorority girls have their pillow fight and he falls down with the ladder, you can see him land on a grass mat that is cut into the lawn. It's funny because you can see the grass push in.


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Continuity mistake: During the classroom scene, Donald Sutherland writes the word "Satan" on the board. In the first shot, the "t" in Satan in directly over the crease on the chalkboard. In the next shot, it is clearly on one side of the crease.


Factual error: At Professor Jennings' place, the stoned Boon and Katy sing "Hey Paula." The song was only pressed in November 1962 and didn't break into the charts nationally until late December of that year, whereas the scene depicted takes place sometime in the autumn of the same year, before the song would've even been recorded.

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Factual error: The car Flounder drives is a 1964 model, built beginning late in 1963, but the events of the movie take place in 1962.

00:45:40 - 01:08:25

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Factual error: In the scene where Pinto buys/shoplifts food from the grocery store and meets the Mayor's daughter, the cash register has an LCD display. A little too futuristic for a flick set in '62.


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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene just prior to the food fight, as John Belushi goes through the cafeteria line putting the food on his tray (which moves frequently), note the cameraman's feet in the mirror over the food following him.


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Otter and Boon are hitting golf balls near the ROTC drills, Otter puts down the golf bag he is carrying and draws a club. The camera moves to the ROTC trainees, and when it comes back to the golfers, the bag is back on Otter's shoulder and there is no club out of the bag.


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Continuity mistake: When the Fraternity house is being taken down, the Greek letters switch places.

01:06:05 - 01:06:55

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Continuity mistake: When Bluto is looking through the window of the girls' bedroom, the shot from behind him shows his shoulders are just above the window sill. The shots from inside the room show him to be a lot higher than this.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Otter is making out with Shelly from Dickinson college, in the back of the car she is clearly shown with her bra off, and it his hanging on her right arm by one strap. When the guys come running out of the club seconds later to make their escape, Shelly is shown jumping out of the car and diving through the window of the car parked next to it, but her bra is now on and hooked as if it hadn't been removed yet.

01:16:30 - 01:17:15

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the movie during the parade riot and Bluto is trying to escape, he jumps up on top of a building. You can see one of the uniformed soldiers bending down to give him help up onto the awning.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where the Mayor is giving his speech just before the parade begins, there is a man sitting in the bleachers behind him making bizarre faces and hilarious facial ticks in plain view of the camera.


Continuity mistake: During the toga party, the mustard stain on Bloto's toga, disappears and reappears.


Factual error: Boon is using a payphone and behind him, at the left of the screen is the front end of a 'coffin-nosed' 1974-78 AMC Matador sedan, a car built a dozen-plus years after the events of the film.


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Continuity mistake: Before the hearing, Katy and Boone are talking at the bottom (half) of a stairwell when Otter comes down with a briefcase in his right hand and he puts his left hand on Boone's shoulder. In the next shot the briefcase is now in his left hand with his right hand on Boone.


Factual error: When Karen Allen is in the kitchen she passes a fridge that has a Bicentennial sticker on it. The movie was set in 1962 and the Bicentennial didn't happen until 1976.



Factual error: When Larry and Kent first arrive at Delta house, and again after the new pledges are accepted, the Kingsmen version of "Louie Louie" is heard playing. This version was not recorded until April 1963, but the movie takes place in the autumn of 1962.

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Continuity mistake: In the cafeteria scene, Kevin Bacon's character sits down twice.


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Continuity mistake: During the Delta Rush Party, Pinto (then just a pledge) got a beer. Notice that, as the scene changes camera angles, the heads on the beers go up, down, and up again.


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Continuity mistake: When Flounder and Larry arrive at the Omega house for the party, sunlight can be seen coming through the windows, although it was night when they arrive.


Visible crew/equipment: Look at the blank wall just in front of D-Day when he rides his motorcycle up the stairs of the frat house - it has the most obvious boom shadow you will ever see in a film.


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Pinto is making out with the Mayor's daughter, as she sits up on him so she can unhook her bra, he starts to slide his hands under her bra right before she passes out and falls over. As she is falling he pulls the tissue paper out which hangs like streamers from his hands to elbows. After a quick shot to show her on the bed, there is a shot of Pinto now holding the tissue in little tiny balls in each hand.


Factual error: After trying unsuccessfully to call Katie at the all-night cafe, Boone questions where she could be at six in the morning. The scene occurs during broad daylight. If the time were accurate, this could not be so, since it occurred in November.


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Continuity mistake: When Stork and his associate step conspicuously onto the curb to watch the parade the pompom's yellow tassels face front. When the man behind them says, "Excuse me, my kid can't see," the purple tassels face front.


Revealing mistake: In the parade scene, not only are people wearing long hair and bellbottoms, but late '70s vehicles can be seen passing or parked in the background. Also in one shot, behind the marching ROTC, a camera rig can be seen in front of spectators photographing the parade.

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Continuity mistake: In the classroom scene, Donald Sutherland takes a bite of the apple and a split second later in the next shot, he has nothing in his mouth.


Revealing mistake: When Bluto uses the banner to jump from the building, you can plainly see that his weight is being supported by a safety rope and NOT the banner itself, which is actually slack during the stunt.


Continuity mistake: When they are getting the girls from the other college, when the first girl comes down the stairs her broach is on the left of her top. When she is sitting down, the broach has moved to her right. It changes back to her left again after this shot and for the rest of the film.


Factual error: The bottle of Jack Daniels that Bluto chugs has an aluminum twist-off cap - a convenience not yet available in 1962.

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Jean G

Other mistake: In the Disciplinary/Probation Hearing scene, the State Flag behind the Council is that of Tennessee. On the Double Secret probabtion edition, narrator John Landis says "Faber College in Pennsylvania".

01:01:00 - 01:06:00

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Continuity mistake: In the cafeteria, Bloto puts stuff on his tray. Before the cut his bunch of bananas are on the side of the tray. After the cut the bunch is on the other side.


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Continuity mistake: When one of the Delta Frat Guys is drinking beer in the frat, in his close up he is holding a mug by the handle, in the reverse shot he is not holding the handle.


Factual error: Bluto crushes a beer can against his forehead. Steel cans are too strong to crush like that. Aluminium cans weren't introduced until approximately 1965, although the movie was set in 1962.

00:07:55 - 01:20:20

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Suggested correction: Maybe it's a joke about his thick skull/him being impervious to pain due to his stupidity/drunkenness? We also see him break bottles against his head with similar indifference and abandon.


Continuity mistake: During the parade, we see Nedermeyer leading the ROTC cadets, who are carrying M1 rifles. Later, during the riot, we see Nedermeyer take an M1903 rifle off a cadet and use it to shoot at Flounder.

01:35:50 - 01:43:05


Factual error: The Coca-Cola sign on the pop dispenser in the cafeteria has the "Dynamic Ribbon" device as part of the Coca-Cola trademark. The movie is set in 1962. Coca-Cola didn't start using the Dynamic Ribbon on its trademark until 1970.

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Continuity mistake: The scene where Flounder tosses the box of marbles into the street to trip the ROTC cadets during the parade. Look at the background parade audience as they go into fast forward along with the action of the marbles...


Continuity mistake: During the parade scene at the end of the movie, there are shots of the street that it will take place on, and there is a view of a (misspelled) "Homestead Ferniture" store in two different shots. When the parade is actually taking place, the store is changed to (correctly spelled) "Homestead Furniture". Several shots after that, it changes back to "Homestead Ferniture"

01:33:20 - 01:44:00

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Continuity mistake: During the parade, Flounder dumps the bucket of marbles towards the camera, and they are all clear glass marbles. When the ROTC members slip and fall on them, the marbles are red, blue and yellow.


Continuity mistake: When Pinto and Flounder attend the Omega rush party, a tasteful piano piece is playing. Niedermayer catches the eye of the brother at the piano, who smiles back over the keyboard. Soon thereafter, Niedermayer points out two important Omega brothers, who are standing in conversation across the room: Terry Auerbach, captain of the swim team, and Carl Phillips, editor of the Daily Faberian. The music has not stopped, but, when Carl turns to the camera, we see that he's the same guy who's supposed to be playing the piano.

00:03:15 - 00:04:55

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Revealing mistake: On the day the house is being emptied, after Bluto finishes the Jack Daniel's and tosses the bottle, there are no Jack Daniel's labels on it.


Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where Otter is hitting golf balls at the ROTC cadets, Niedermayer is wearing a highly polished chrome helmet. In at least one shot, you can see a movie light reflected in it.


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Continuity mistake: When they show Flounder's face on the screen they throw beer cans at it and it gets soaked. When Otter gets up it is completely dry.



Audio problem: When D-Day, Bluto and Flounder are running out of Wormer's office after the horse died, there is a sound effect of them screaming as they flee the scene. This exact same sound effect is used when the boys run out of the all-black bar, except Bluto and D-Day weren't there; it was Flounder, Kroger and Boon.

00:30:40 - 01:17:15

Continuity mistake: When the Deltas are leaving the student court on masse, you can see Bluto followed by Flounder exiting the hall as Vernon shouts "I'm calling your national office." After several more seconds of Vernon shouting and Greg frantically slamming his gavel, it cuts to a shot of the doorway with Bluto and Flounder just walking up to it and stopping to grin at Vernon. They would've been long out of the room by then.

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Audio problem: At the bar after the tall black man asks to dance with the boys' dates, he lifts the booth table up off the floor. There's a sound like it's being forcibly ripped out of the floor, yet the table has a round bottom with no visible bolts or screws. While it may have been heavy, it wasn't secured to the floor.

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Continuity mistake: When Bluto is spying on the girls of the sorority house, all of the blinds are up giving him a good look. In the next shot when he moves the ladder to a nearby window, all of the blinds are down.

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Continuity mistake: As Niedermeyer chews out Flounder in the close ups, the long shots from Boon and Stratton's view of the action shows Niedermeyer mounted on his horse, then back to the close up of Niedermeyer dismounted, continuing to chew out Flounder.

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Revealing mistake: You can see that the Jack Daniels that Bluto chugs is not real, because it foams. It was probably iced tea or something.


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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Babs is writing down what is said during the Fraternity's disciplinary hearing, (Court reporting) no ink is actually coming out of her pen as she writes on her notepad. That is, the notepad remains blank even as she turns to a new page while writing.

01:04:50 - 01:05:55

Plot hole: How on earth can Bluto and his mate not know that the exam paper they are completing is different to the one they stole and studied for? They'd have to study for it - what's the point of stealing it otherwise? It is not a multiple choice exam - they are seen writing answers out in full. How can they not notice that the questions (and therefore the answers) are different to the ones they memorised? Why do they have to be told later that someone 'stole the wrong exam paper'? In order to make such a mistake they would have to be illiterate, not just stupid -.and as the closing sequence makes clear the Delta House fraternity members aren't even stupid - they are just lazy.

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Continuity mistake: From Double Secret Probation DVD - "When Bluto is placing the ladder outside the sorority house, there is a large awning between the two windows and it would be impossible for him to "jump" the ladder from one window to the next."


Factual error: Listen to the crickets chirping at the football field where Larry and the Mayor's daughter make love. It's fall, everyone has jackets on. It's much too cold for crickets to chirp that rapidly. (Or at all at that time of year).



Audio problem: When Bluto is using the ladder to look in the sorority house, the ladder gives a clanging sound like an aluminum extension ladder. The ladder Bluto is using is a single frame wooden ladder which wouldn't make any clanging sounds at all.

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Continuity mistake: When Pinto and Flounder visit the Omega house in the opening of the movie, notice the girls coming down the stairs. In the first shot they are there, the second shot they are not, then they are.


Continuity mistake: After Stork pushes the drum major off camera to the right and seizes his baton, the scene cuts to a longer shot where he leads the band in the same direction. The drum major has disappeared.


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Continuity mistake: In the cafeteria "I'm a zit" scene, Bluto picks up the mashed potatoes with his right hand, but the very next shot shows him placing it in his mouth with his left hand.


Revealing mistake: During the scene where the Delta boys are looking at slides of the recruits from the evening, Otter steps in front of the screen to defend Flounder. Notice that he is standing directly in line with the projector to the screen and there is no shadow on the screen nor is part of the slide projected onto his chest.


Factual error: Mrs. Wormer confuses the meanings of "sensual" and "sensuous". Sensuous merely means appealing to the senses; sensual has sexual connotations. In other words, vegetables are sensuous; people are sensual.


Continuity mistake: When the Deathmobile lines up across the street to take out the grandstand, the car reaches the grandstand about three times before it actually rams it. Even after one shot if the car reaching the grandstand, it cuts to D-Day yelling "Ramming Speed!" and then the car is seen back at its original position on the other side of the street.

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Continuity mistake: The candle on the table appears/disappears when they're at the bar where Otis is playing, especially when the big dude removes the table to "dance with their dates".


Continuity mistake: In the parade sequence only a few smoke sticks are shown to be shot into the crowds, but when the DeathMobile emerges through the smoke you can see dozens of billowing smoke sticks aligned across the ground.


Continuity mistake: When Larry meets Karen Allen's character at the frat house, she offers him a beer. When you see the back shot of Larry, he is holding the beer glass in his right hand. When it switches to a frontal view of Larry, he is holding the glass in the left hand.


Factual error: In the scene where Larry and the Mayor's daughter are on the football field, it appears to be artificial turf. Artificial turf wasn't invented until 1965, 3 years after the movie was to have taken place.


Continuity mistake: When they're at the man's house who offers them some pot, you can see that he's petting a Siamese cat. But when he stands up to go put the blinds down, the cat is gone and he never moved it off his lap.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bluto is watching the pillow fight through the window, when Mandy comes in the room and the girls stop to talk to her, every time the camera cuts from Bluto to the girls the girls have changed positions in the room.


Continuity mistake: When they take Flounder's car to go pick up some chicks, Otter puts a can of beer on top of the car. In the next shot the beer is not on the car anymore.


Continuity mistake: At the parade, Bluto uses the banner to jump to the street. In the next shot the banner is intact again.


Jack's Revenge

Continuity mistake: When Neidermeyer is yelling at Flounder about his pledge pin, Neidermeyer is spitting the P's in Flounder's face. When this happens, the camera is on Neidermeyer and if you look at Flounder, (even though it's his backside), you can see his eyes close everytime he's spitted on. However, afterwards, the camera changes to Flounder instantly, and his eyes are wide open (as if they never closed at all). Nobody's eyes instantly open THAT quickly after being spat on.

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Continuity mistake: When the authorities and moving crews are clearing all of the junk out of Delta House, we see a workman with a hammer removing the fraternity symbols from the house's upstairs railing. However, the symbols are not in the correct order: They read "Delta Chi Tau," and the workman is removing the "Tau" from the end. Moments later, we see the workman still removing the fraternity symbols, but now they are in the correct order, "Delta Tau Chi," and he is removing the "Tau" again, but removing it from the center.

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Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: When the Dean is on the phone in the middle of the night, his drunk wife gets her feet tangled in the phone cord, then falls off the bed, pulling the receiver off the hook. In the next shot showing her giggling on the floor, the phone cord is no longer visible.

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Continuity mistake: When the "Deathmobile" first appears, it spins around 180° and is parked parallel to the curb in front of the Beauty Bar (just past the grandstand) when Bluto pops out dressed as a pirate. When seen next it's now at a 45° angle facing the grandstand in front of the Fashion Store, but it was never heard or seen moving between shots.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the parade, Neidermeyer has a rifle in his hand as Flounder approaches him with a seltzer bottle calling his name. Neidermeyer lifts the flap of his pocket to reveal one round for his weapon. He loads it in to the chamber and fires. He then reaches in to his pocket a second time, loads and fires, but the first shot showed only one round in the pocket.

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Continuity mistake: While the chaos during the parade scene near the end of the movie is happening, look at the store windows during some of the shots of the people running up and down the streets. Some of the light up signs and other posted items on the windows, appear to be reversed as if the same shots were used several times, just reversed time from time to make it appear that people were running in both directions of the street.

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Factual error: At the end of the movie when the riot is taking place, Niedermeyer takes out a bullet and fires upon Flounder from maybe ten feet away and misses - all the bullet does is shatter the seltzer bottle and nothing else. Whether Niedermeyer meant to miss Flounder or not, the bullet would have shattered the bottle with little or no deformation to the bullet itself and would have hit the pedestrian running behind Flounder.

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the party, the character collecting the coats throws them on the floor in front of the door. Yet when Kent Dorfman and his date enters the house, they are obviously not there, as the door opens easily and they do not have to step over them when they enter.

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Factual error: In the scene with the disciplinary meeting, the chalkboard says "Pan-Hellenic Disciplinary Council." National Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body for sororities, not fraternities. Fraternity disciplinary hearings would be handled by either the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), or the school's Office of Student Conduct, in conjunction with the Director of Greek Affairs. Further to this error is that the rest of the chalkboard writing pertains to the meeting being held at that time, and Greg Marmalard calls the meeting of the "Disciplinary Council" to order.


Other mistake: When Pinto throws rocks at the mayor's daughter's window, the first two rocks bounce off the window and don't get her attention. The third rock supposedly breaks the window. If you watch closely, you'll see the rock bounce off the window while a glass breaking sound is heard. Likewise, when the mayor's daughter opens the window, it is intact.

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