Future War

Revealing mistake: When the Cyborg Master enters the police station, he shoots two police women before a third cop starts shooting back with a shotgun. The third shot he fires hits the wall behind the cyborg, and the entire wall wobbles as the squib goes off to make the hole in the wall.


Revealing mistake: The "camera" the reporters use while filming at the warehouse, is an obvious, poorly-made prop made out of a cardboard box with some plastic bits glued to it.


Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Ann's and Runaway's friends are setting up a trap for the dinosaurs using a dumbbell. Later when a dinosaur gets into it he is hit by the dumbbell, it looks completeley different, like wire, is much smaller, and bends.

Revealing mistake: When the heroes are in the sewer, the go down to a lower floor, deep below surface. But sunlight is still coming through the planks, which would be impossible.

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