Future War

Future War (1997)

20 mistakes

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Revealing mistake: When the Cyborg Master enters the police station, he shoots two police women before a third cop starts shooting back with a shotgun. The third shot he fires hits the wall behind the cyborg, and the entire wall wobbles as the squib goes off to make the hole in the wall.


Continuity mistake: During the first fight scene, the cyborg hunter has dark markings around his eyes. As soon as the fight moves indoors, the markings disappear completely.


Continuity mistake: When the gang are running through the tunnels just before the bomb goes off, sister Ann and the runaway are the last people in the line, pushing the others before them. They are, however, the first ones to exit the tunnel.


Other mistake: During the Cyborg Master's attack on the police station, the bald cop goes to get a gun out of the gun storage room - which is a regular closet. It's not even locked, he just walks straight in. No police station in the world would be that careless with their weapons.


Other mistake: All the boxes at the warehouse and cargo area are empty. Nobody has ever any problems lifting the boxes and tossing them around, or simply nudging them aside. Yet the boxes are sealed and neatly stacked outside in huge rows, waiting to be transported.


Continuity mistake: While the runaway and the Cyborg Master are fighting in the church, there are bloody cuts on the runaway's chest that keep appearing and disappearing between shots. In addition, he also suddenly gains a cut above his eye, that conveniently enough is already covered with a band-aid he didn't have there to begin with.


Revealing mistake: The "camera" the reporters use while filming at the warehouse, is an obvious, poorly-made prop made out of a cardboard box with some plastic bits glued to it.


Continuity mistake: When sister Ann and the runaway slave are in the train, her hair is in a ponytail with a few loose strands hanging out. She hands the slave a cookie, then leans back against the wall. Cut to a close-up of her face, and her hair looks very different, with lots more hair hanging loose down the sides of her face.


Plot hole: When the policemen walk through the warehouse and see the bloodstains from the dinosaurs killing people, Captain Polaris asks Runaway to come with them and help. This makes very little sense, as Runaway and Ann have just been arrested by the police (for no apparent reason) and Polaris does not know that Runaway is from the cyborgs planet and therefore has knowledge about the dinosaurs.

Plot hole: When Ann and Runaway are fleeing from the dinosaurs in the car, suddenly a fence flaps into the screen and blocks the ways of the running dinosaur. This makes no sense and is never explained, since none of Ann's friends or anybody else is anywhere around there to manage this, nor is the fence ever mentioned, nor is there any other (reasonable) reason that the fence would block the way exactly in this moment.

Audio problem: When the police and reporters are outside the warehouse where the dinosaur attack happened, Captain. Polaris communicates with other cops by radio. Strangely enough, his own voice, and the voice of the bald cop beside him also sound mechanical, with the crackling quality you hear over radios, even though they are on screen and should be heard normally. This even goes on when they are talking to each other, without using the radios.


Other mistake: When the master cyborg enters the laboratory towards the end of the movie, he threatens a female scientist who can escape through the back door and hide in a small room under the ceiling. But the hole she supposedly came through is way too small for the woman to fit into.

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Ann's and Runaway's friends are setting up a trap for the dinosaurs using a dumbbell. Later when a dinosaur gets into it he is hit by the dumbbell, it looks completeley different, like wire, is much smaller, and bends.

Revealing mistake: When the heroes are in the sewer, the go down to a lower floor, deep below surface. But sunlight is still coming through the planks, which would be impossible.

Continuity mistake: The size of the dinosaurs varies significantly throughout the movie - can best be seen when Runaway beats one up shortly after he leaves the shore.

Continuity mistake: When Runaway is leaving the beach, you can see that he throws away his necklace. But when he he is in Ann's and Fred's house, the necklace appears again on the desk in the bedroom.

Plot hole: When Runaway is citing verses of the Bible, Ann asks him how he would know those. He answers because unwritten words have been passed around. But if that's the case, how is it possible that the humans on the cyborgs' planet have unlearned their language?

Continuity mistake: The countdown that can be seen in sewer towards the end counts from 15 seconds to 9, but in the next shot, it shows 5:50 minutes left.

Continuity mistake: In the very beginning of the movie, Ann and Fred are walking through the a tunnel in the sewer. They reach a dead end but in the next shot, the place they are has completely changed, the dead end is just another tunnel and the light comes from another direction (all can be seen when they go down the ladder).

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