Future War

Plot hole: When the policemen walk through the warehouse and see the bloodstains from the dinosaurs killing people, Captain Polaris asks Runaway to come with them and help. This makes very little sense, as Runaway and Ann have just been arrested by the police (for no apparent reason) and Polaris does not know that Runaway is from the cyborgs planet and therefore has knowledge about the dinosaurs.

Plot hole: When Ann and Runaway are fleeing from the dinosaurs in the car, suddenly a fence flaps into the screen and blocks the ways of the running dinosaur. This makes no sense and is never explained, since none of Ann's friends or anybody else is anywhere around there to manage this, nor is the fence ever mentioned, nor is there any other (reasonable) reason that the fence would block the way exactly in this moment.

Plot hole: When Runaway is citing verses of the Bible, Ann asks him how he would know those. He answers because unwritten words have been passed around. But if that's the case, how is it possible that the humans on the cyborgs' planet have unlearned their language?

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