Jack Frost

Visible crew/equipment: After they run out of snowballs because Jack scrapes ground, the bullies recover and prepare to chase the boy. To the right on the ground, the shadow of a crewmember moving can be seen when we see them getting back up.

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Continuity mistake: After Jack dies his son is making a snowman that later becomes his dad . You briefly see a scarf around the snowman. A little after that he puts the same scarf on the snowman.

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Charlie: Rory, you know what it's like to have no dad.
Rory Buck: Yeah, I do. It sucks! A snowdad is better than no dad.

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Trivia: Near the beginning, an announcer states, "That's Medford's own Jack Frost Band." There are twelve U.S. cities named Medford, but there is no Medford in Colorado where the film is set, just a Medford Springs, which is literally a spring (not city). Medford, Oregon is probably the most well-known. Other states with a Medford: Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The fictional Medford, Texas was also for a movie. (00:03:18)


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