Jack Frost

Trivia: The lead guitarist in the Jack Frost Band is the film's music composer, Trevor Rabin.

Trivia: You may notice that the snowman looks a little familiar, but doesn't quite look like Michael Keaton. This is because originally, George Clooney was supposed to star in the film, and the snowman was designed to look subtly like him. Clooney dropped out at the last minute and was replaced by Keaton, and the effects teams didn't have quite enough time to totally redesign the snowman. (They only had time to make a few minor tweaks, like his eyebrows).


Trivia: The movie is set in fictional Medford, CO, but the Jack Frost Band was performing at Denver's Music Hall; Medford would be somewhere not too far away. Denver may not be as cold and snowy as many people seem to believe. Colorado's weather can be quite varied in December, with average highs around 45° F. The day Jack the Snowman was starting to melt was going to be around 70° F, but December temperatures reportedly rarely exceed 67° F. Dec 1-2, 2021 reached 73° and 72° F (some record-breaking).


Trivia: Near the beginning, an announcer states, "That's Medford's own Jack Frost Band." There are twelve U.S. cities named Medford, but there is no Medford in Colorado where the film is set, just a Medford Springs, which is literally a spring (not city). Medford, Oregon is probably the most well-known. Other states with a Medford: Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The fictional Medford, Texas was also for a movie. (00:03:18)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Snowman is in the snow plough and he is facing the large amount of snow but when he is stuck to the snow he has turned in the opposite direction.

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Jack: You know, sometimes it's good having a big butt.

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Answer: Wire Fox Terrier.


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