Blades of Glory

Factual error: At ~9:53 into the movie, we see the newspaper with "Sunday, March 14, 1987". March 14, 1987 was a Saturday, not a Sunday.

Factual error: Whenever a gold medal is shared in any competition, there is no silver medal awarded, just two golds and a bronze. But we see four winners in the opening scene - 2 golds, a silver and a bronze.

Jason Feng

Factual error: The accident that killed the VanWaldenberg's parents was said to have taken place in 1987. In the TV news footage from the accident scene, the police cars had a distinctive body style not introduced until 1991.

Factual error: When Coach is watching Chazz and Jimmy fighting backstage of the kid show, on the news, Coach rewinds the fight several times with TiVo. When he rewinds it, you can here the sound playing reversed. When you rewind TiVo, you don't hear any sound at all.


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