Blades of Glory

Corrected entry: When Chazz rips his sleeve to show Jimmy the tattoo of him on his shoulder, he says that he had it done last weekend. But earlier that morning when Chazz is phoned at the hotel by the coach, the tattoo is not there - you can see because Chazz is wearing a sleeveless top.

Correction: I have seen this scene numerous times and I can assure you that the tattoo is indeed on Chazz's arm when the coach calls him that morning. Watch especially when Chazz leans over to hang up the phone.

Corrected entry: In amateur competitive figure skating, music with lyrics isn't allowed. only professional and exhibition programs are allowed to use lyrics.

Correction: The film makes a number of intentional changes to the actual rules (in reality, a "pair" must be a man and a woman).

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Several times when Chazz and Jimmy are doing certain tricks in their routines, if you look closely at their faces you can tell that it is in fact a stunt skater with either Will Ferrell's or Jon Heder's face CGI'd over their own.

Correction: I am afraid that is a matter of opinion. I have seen this movie several times and every shot of them skating looked real to me.

Corrected entry: When Fairchild VanWaldenberg is getting ready to kidnap Jimmy, she steals some handcuffs from a Canadian Mounty. All she takes is his handcuffs, but after she handcuffs Jimmy to the bathroom stall she throws the key in the bathroom trash. Where did she get the key? Wouldn't that be on a key ring?

Correction: I have rewatched this scene several times, and I happen to notice that the keys were somehow attached to the cuffs (you can see it dangling in front of the cuffs just before Fairchild grabs them). So when she grabs them, she actually grabbed the cuffs AND the keys.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Chazz rips the sleeve of his costume to show off his new tattoo. In the next cut to him the sleeve is intact.

Correction: Although this is a creditable mistake, it is most likely it was left in for comic amusment, judging on a similar incident when Will is frozen from the lake, bends down to change, and comes up completly unfrozen and changed within a matter of seconds.

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