Continuity mistake: When Jack is in his new classroom for the first time, he sits at a metal desk. He falls with the desk when he tries to reach his book bag, which is sitting next to a broken wooden desk. Next, he sits in the same - miraculously whole - wooden desk, then proceeds to break it to smithereens.

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Suggested correction: Watched several times, he moves to the desk to the left of him that doesn't have a chair attached.

Continuity mistake: Jack is at home after he had the heart attack (or whatever it was). His mom comes in to his room to tell him he can't go to school anymore. Jack gets upset and rips the heart monitor thingies off his chest (notice his shirt is unbuttoned). The camera cuts to his mom for about a split second, then back to Jack. Now his shirt is buttoned. There is no way he would have had time to button it.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is playing basketball with his friends, he has on a pink shirt. But afterward, when he is lying to the kids' mother about being a principal, he is wearing a red shirt. He is not in shadow.

Continuity mistake: There is a playground scene where Jack (wearing a pink shirt) is talking with a school mate. His shirt is unbuttoned. The next shot is of the mate and when the scene cuts back to Jack, the shirt is buttoned up.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is playing on the concrete 'balance beam' (Jack is walking on it like he would a balance beam) at recess on his first day of school, his shoes go from untied, to being tied, and then back to being united.

Continuity mistake: On Jack's first day of school in the playground the top button of his blue plaid shirt is buttoned in some scenes and unbuttoned in others.

Continuity mistake: Jack and Ms Marquez are wearing the same clothes for the class picture that they wore on Jack's second day of school (pink shirt, long light green dress). The movie is shown as if some time has passed between these 2 days.


Continuity mistake: When Jack is in the classroom and gives the teacher the red gummy bears and asks her to the dance, he is wearing a green plaid shirt. When he goes to leave the room and eventually falls down the stairs, his shirt is a tan plaid.

Other mistake: Jack's parents were at a Halloween party when his mother went into labor. Later in the movie when he's asked by his teacher he says his birthday is September 12th.

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Principal McGee: I'm Mr. McGee. I've heard so much about you, Jack.
Jack: Hi, Mr. Magoo.
Principal McGee: McGee.
Jack: McGee.
Principal McGee: Yes.
Jack: Magoo.

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