It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Revealing mistake: At the end when the police officer crashes through the window of the pet store and all the dogs are licking him, it is extremely obvious that it is short piece of footage being rewound and played over and over again to extend the length of the shot.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the movie when the car goes through the guardrails and is falling down the mountain side, at first the car is seen coming down sideways, driver side facing down. Then it mysteriously changed to be right side up in the next shot when it crashes.

Eric Chapin

Revealing mistake: During the whole movie any time someone is driving, the driver turns either way too much or not enough for the turn they are on. Even when they are driving straight, they turn the wheel as if they are going back and forth on the road in both lanes.

Plot hole: In the beginning of the movie, all of the cars turn to the left to head south. However, the map at the police station indicates that they had to turn to the right to go south.

Revealing mistake: In the chase scene, Milton Berle and Terry Thomas are actually driving two different blue '61 Chevrolets. Initially, they are in a rare Super Sport as evidenced by the crossed flags emblem on the rear seat speaker cover. Fortunately, the car they eventually crashed was the less desireable non-SS version (i.e. no crossed flags emblem present). (01:40:05 - 01:47:25)

Continuity mistake: All the inside shots of both cabbies driving show the interior color is tan and brown, but in the scene where Pike is hanging out of the cab as it's driving away one cab's interior is two tone green. When they open the doors at the crash scene with the chief's car at the end you can see the other car has a silver and black interior.


Continuity mistake: The two 1959 Plymouth taxis keep changing from scene to scene; in some you can see cab numbers painted on the hood and trunk, and in other scenes they aren't there, also dents on the cars show up and later they are gone.


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Smiler passes first the truck and then the Volkswagen but then passes 3 other vehicles before he passes the Imperial. Two of the 3 cars are never seen again. The 3rd is a light cream Chrysler station which is supposed to be the '62 blue Plymouth wagon of Sid Caesar.

Sylvester Marcus: That's my mommy. She's gone crazy or something. maybe rape! OH.

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Trivia: Arnold Stang broke his left forearm just days before his scenes were shot.

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