Angus (1995)

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Corrected entry: Angus looks for a tuxedo for the dance that will fit him and the only one is purple that he hates. During his Grandfather's wedding, he's wearing a black tuxedo that apparently fits him. Why doesn't he wear that one to the dance?

Correction: He wore the purple tuxedo to the dance because after his grandfather died, April (his Fiancé) brought Angus the things his grandfather left at April's house, and his grandfather apparently bought him the tuxedo to wear and left it at April's house, and after he was given the tuxedo, he most likely wore it in respect to his lost grandfather.

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In the opening football scene, when Angus makes a tackle, the football clearly falls to the ground. In the next shot, however, it is seen soaring through the air.



In the original cut, Angus' father was alive, living with the family and had a secret gay side. The filmmakers decided to abandon this subplot and reshot many of the at home sequences, establishing his mom as a widow and the grandpa looking after the family to help out.