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Angus Bethune: You just don't know how it feels.
Troy: I don't know how it feels? So you think you're the only person on earth who wakes up every morning wishing they were someone else?

Angus: I don't sweat. I rain.

Troy: Oh, man. That's what I call getting a slice in the ol' dick pie.

Grandpa: These ARE my teeth.
Angus: I guess - you paid for 'em.

Grandpa: As for what anybody else thinks, always remember these words and live by them: screw 'em.

Angus: I'm still here, adenoid.

Continuity mistake: At the end when they are at the dance, Troy (the redhead) has a broken arm. Yet when he goes to give Angus a high 5 and he hits the quarterback (I forget his name) he has a full arm extension with the same broken arm. Then in the next scene he has a broken arm again.

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Trivia: In the original cut, Angus' father was alive, living with the family and had a secret gay side. The filmmakers decided to abandon this subplot and reshot many of the at home sequences, establishing his mom as a widow and the grandpa looking after the family to help out.

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