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Correction: The Air Force (and any military branch) has jurisdiction over crimes committed by any person, including civilians, covered by military law when the crime was committed.


Corrected entry: After Doug has finished moaning to his friends about not getting into the air force, his girlfriend can be seen in the background smiling. This is a bit out of character I would think. (At first I thought she might have been smiling at the voice on the PA but the voice is obviously Knotchers, whom she despises).

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Yes, a bit out of character. She could have been thinking about something funny at the time. Either way it is a character flaw, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: 45 minutes into the film, Colonel Masters is berating his son, Doug, for pulling unauthorised maneuvers, as they flew in an F-16. Doug says, "Come on dad!" His father replies, "Don't 'Come on me' Dad" instead of "Don't 'Come on dad' me".

Correction: His character was upset and misspoke. Character error, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: It is impossible to fire a missile or rocket from an F-16 while it is on the ground. They do this while he (Doug) is on the ground rescuing his dad.

Correction: Already challenged and corrected.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: As a former F-16 avionics troop one glaring mistake is the fact that munitions, i.e. missiles, cannot be fired on the ground. There is a switch called a WOW Switch. (Weight On Wheels) This switch will not allow weapons to fire when the landing gear is down.

Correction: As a 22-year F-16 avionics maintainer, instructor, production superintendent, and section chief, I can state that this was one of the few scenes in Iron Eagle that was correct. There is a switch in the cockpit called "Ground Jett Enable" which is intended to perform maintenance checks on the ground. In Desert Storm 1, a Maverick Missile was accidentally fired on the ground when that switch was in the wrong position.

Corrected entry: The helicopters Chappy and Doug engage soon after going feet-dry are Bell AH-1 Huey Cobras. As far as I know the USA is the only country that operates Huey-Cobras.

Correction: The AH-1 Cobras apparently belong to the country of Billyad, or something. The USMC still operates upgraded versions of the AH-1, and countries like Israel and Japan also have them in their arsenals.

Continuity mistake: In all of the aircraft scenes, almost every time they showed his aircraft, he has different types of weapons on it.

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Doug Masters: What is it with you, Knotcher? Can't you make it through a day without proving what an asshole you are?

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