Iron Eagle

Continuity mistake: In all of the aircraft scenes, almost every time they showed his aircraft, he has different types of weapons on it.

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Continuity mistake: After Doug drops the Hades Bomb, the next scene shows his F-16 landing to pick up his dad. Look closely at the belly of the plane and you can see that the Hades is still there.

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Continuity mistake: When Doug Masters and all his friends at the Gas station and Masters has just received a letter saying he has been denied enrolment into the US air force academy, his enemy Knotcher tries to humiliate him by announcing it over the Loud speaker. Masters then runs up to the window and threatens to assault him and Knotcher suggests that a Race would be more appropriate to which they both agree. During this whole conversation, Knotchers right arm is up, next shot it's down, then up, then down again. This goes on throughout the whole conversation.

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Gavin Jackson

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