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Corrected entry: When Alex and Cora perform "A Way back into Love" at the end of the movie Cora doesn't sing the new last verse.

Correction: Character Choice. I've been to concerts where the band didn't play a complete song.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when they wake up after having had sex and slept beneath the grand piano. Fletcher wake's up banging his head on the piano. You can see he made the face show that he's getting hurt just before the sound of his head hitting the grand piano appears.

Correction: There is no way to know how thick the support of the piano is. Therefore, the sound could happen when he hits his head.

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Corrected entry: Sophie Fisher walks down the aisle at a concert. There are no signs of security guards to stop her. This is very unusual for a concert.

Correction: I've been to lots of concerts, and have rarely seen security confront anyone when walking down an aisle. Usually they only intervene if there is a problem, if even then.

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