Factual error: After Kate's wedding is broken up and everyone leaves the church and ends up fighting in the town square (using shovels, pizza over paddles, etc.) you can see a post office in the background. The city and state say "Boiling Springs, Tennessee" followed by the zip code 87168. This isn't a real zip code according to the US Post Office, and zip codes beginning with "8" are closer to the west coast (i.e. in Nevada or Utah). Real Tennessee zip codes begin with 37's or 36's. (01:29:35)

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Factual error: When Mr Wong is threatening the 3 brothers, he pulls a whale arrow from nowhere. (00:16:05)

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Factual error: When Rasputia gets in the bath the amount of water that is displaced is not proportional to the amount of water in the bath. (01:11:55)

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