Deion Hughes (Cuba Gooding Jr.), who is getting married to Kate Thomas (Thandie Newton) is secretly plotting with Rasputia's three brothers, Big Jack, Blue and Earl Latimore to turn the Golden Wonton orphanage/restaurant, where Norbit (Eddie Murphy) was raised when he was a baby, into a titty joint called Nipplopolis. Meanwhile, Rasputia (also Eddie Murphy) locks up Norbit in her house to prevent him from talking to Kate. Eventually, on Kate and Deion's wedding day, Norbit escapes Rasputia's house by riding on a bicycle and he has a letter explaining that Deion previously conned his ex-wives out of their money. At one point, Norbit falls into a pond and gets the letter wet. When Norbit gets to the church where Kate and Deion are getting married, he stops the wedding by telling Kate that he has the letter with all of Deion's ex-wives.

The first time, Deion and Kate don't believe him. However, after Norbit invites Deion's previous ex-wives into the church, Deion flees the church and the wedding is off. Or is it? Norbit flees the church but is brought down by Blue Latimore. Just as the three Latimore brothers including Rasputia are about to kill Norbit, the townspeople come to the rescue but they are no match for Rasputia's mighty strength. However, Mr. Wong (ALSO Eddie Murphy) hurls a spear at Rasputia which hits her in the buttocks, and Rasputia, including her three Latimore brothers, flee the town for good. Meanwhile, Kate and Norbit get married under the great big oak tree at the Golden Wonton restaurant/orphanage and Kate and Norbit finally buy the Golden Wonton restaurant/orphanage. Rasputia and her three brothers also live happily ever after, in Mexico that is, where they open their titty joint, El Nipplopolis, and Rasputia works as a stripper, doing dances like sitting on a chair and pulling a cord that sends down water onto her body (an allusion to Flashdance).

Jonathan Shuman

Continuity mistake: Just before Rasputia chases Norbit out of the house, we see that his shirt is unbuttoned and untucked, yet in the next shot (where he is running past the mailman) his shirt is buttoned and tucked in. Two shots afterward, when he gets hit by the car, his shirt is unbuttoned and untucked like it was before.

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Norbit Wright: [singing.] Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.
Rasputia Latimore: Say Tuesday again, and you ain't make it to see Wednedsay.

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