Revealing mistake: When Rasputin goes through the wooden barrier at the water park it is a clear CGI.


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Revealing mistake: When Rasputia throws the old lady, when she is flying through the air it is a double.


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Revealing mistake: When Norbit falls off the bike and makes the men laugh a second time it is the same footage as the first time he did it.

00:52:30 - 00:53:40

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Norbit mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Norbit runs on top of the church pews you can see foot placements on the pews.


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Revealing mistake: When the twins beat up Norbit (during the last shot of him getting beat up) you can tell that he was replaced with a very obvious dummy because his skin doesn't look realistic, and also it looks stiff as a board.

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Revealing mistake: When Norbit as a child pushes Rasputia on the swing (helps in slow motion) he is a digital effects blur, just before he is pushed away.

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Resputia Latimore: Hey Norbit, what you looking at?
Norbit Wright: Just some kids coming down the slide.
Resputia Latimore: Oh I see what you looking at, you want to see a bitch come down the slide, Imma show you how a bitch come down the slide.



After Norbit crashes on his bike and causes the old men to laugh, he gets up and has multiple leaves in his afro. After two simultaneous takes, they disappear, with no explanation - or wind.