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Continuity mistake: At the bachelor party, Kevin Kline has a cigar in his mouth. In one shot, it's whole, the next it's frayed, then in the NEXT, it's whole again.

Continuity mistake: When Joan Cusack is sobbing in the road and throws herself on Matt Dillon's car, her lipstick and mascara are smeared, suddenly her makeup is perfect.

Continuity mistake: After Kevin Kline leaves the church and is talking to Tom Selleck by the pond, the ducks behind him change positions and numbers from shot to shot.


Continuity mistake: When Peter is telling Howard about coming out (while sitting at the side of the road), Howard's hand is up near his face in all but one shot.


Continuity mistake: The cake Howard's mom has in the car is different from the cake at the reception when the ladies are talking.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin Kline goes to school the day after the awards show, the press chase him to one of the school doors. When the scene is shot from outside, the door opens into the building and he is pushing it open, but immediately after when the shot is from inside of the school and he is closing the door, it opens outwards and he is pulling it closed.

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Suggested correction: When he goes into the school the Press follow him and he doesn't even close the outside school door. The door that they show him closing is the door to his classroom.

Continuity mistake: Right before Emily and Cameron dance in the street there is a shot of the front of the bar. The cars in front of the bar are different from the rest of the scene.

Continuity mistake: Joan Cusack is eating a bag of Utz brand snacks. Utz are not available in Indiana, but they are available in New Jersey, where the film was shot.

Continuity mistake: After Howard crashes on his bike and he is sitting down talking to Peter there is a big wet spot on his left knee in one shot that is gone in the next.

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