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Continuity mistake: When Miss Gruwell and the students are discussing junior year for the first time, she has her back turned and she is writing on the board. When she writes, "First Person Na", she turns around before finishing the last word, but in the next shot, "First Person Narrative" is written on the board.

Factual error: At the 7-eleven as the Latino is walking up to the store you can see a 2001 Chevey Van pull out of shot,the film takes place in 1994. Other 2005 model vehicles are seen throughtout the movie.

Character mistake: When Ms. Gruwell tells Gloria to read the first sentence on the board Gloria reads "Odysseus had no sense of direction." but on the board something different was written.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are discussing 'The Diary of Anne Frank', the writing on the chalk board changes from simply "Anne Frank" to a large amount of writing quite a few times.


Revealing mistake: When the boy accidentally shot himself, the gun wasn't pointed in the right direction at all.


Continuity mistake: When Mrs. G. is writing her name on the board on the first day of school, she erases with her hand and wipes it on her butt in a long swipe. When the boy says, "Can I get some fries with that shake?" the long swipe pattern of chalk has changed to a thick circle pattern.

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